Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up Week 18

I feel pretty good when I look back at what we HAVE gotten done this year. Using Sonlight means we have read lots of really good books. Not that you can't read good books if you don't use Sonlight, but I know WE would not have gotten all this done without a plan.

The books Sweetheart has read so far...
Little Bit had this time line in Kindergarten when we used Five in a Row the second part of the year. It goes from 1900-2009.

It came with printable circles for the books we read that year. So I printed off little pictures of the books she has read this year and we added them. (to the year they were published)

 Reading big numbers (dates), before and after....lots of good learning with this little activity! Plus, we put pictures of our family on the timeline so she could get a feel for how old a book is

Ping (which we read in Kindergarten and this year), was written the year before Grandpa was born!  (And before Kit Kittredge--American Girl stories help us place them in time too.)

But the Children's Encyclopedia was written when Little Bit was one!
Anyway, it feels good to know we have gotten some things done this year!

Little Bit finished reading her first "real" book this week--a CHAPTER book no less! Now she's reading Green Eggs and Ham.
Sweetheart's assignment sheet said she was to do a report on Andrew Jackson this week. Mama hadn't even read that little blurb, and honestly Mama didn't care if she did that report or not. But she read it and was excited. So at the library, she went and found a book on Andrew Jackson, brought it home and read it, and wrote up a report.

Maybe it wasn't perfect book report form, but she took the initiative to do it and I was very proud. And she did learn!

We had "backwards day" twice this week. This is when we start at the back of our schedule and work our way up. That way, the things we never get to, get done! Like Science. We even did an experiment!

But enough about school. 

Of course I worked in the girls' rooms this week. One way to make your tiny little 8 year old seem bigger instantly? Hang 0-3 month clothes in her closet next to her dresses!

And we found out that three 5 gallon water bottles a month is NOT enough for our family. We ran out this week and we don't have a water deliver until next week! ACK!

Sad and empty.
I'm not really sure four bottles will be enough either as this month we were also drinking the free cases of water bottles we got for signing up. But I think we'll try a month with 4 bottles and see how it goes. We've created water snobs. When the water ran out, the girls were all, "We have to drink SINK water????" Oh puleeze. Three weeks you've been drinking the good stuff!

And of course, a day of too many errands requires some fun. We had lunch at James Coney Island one day. Cute hats. Gross food. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh man, you have some great books in that pile! Good memories from my days doing Sonlight [smile].


  2. Great update. Love those books!
    Funny you compare the clothes sizes; I am always surprised when I spend that quality 1 day with the newborn, then go home and my preschoolers head looks so huge. =)
    btw..when is the big date again?

  3. Oh my! Look at those little clothes! I am right in guessing another wee girl is on the way? You have the girls and I have the three boys. HA!


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