Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up Week 16

This was our first week back to school from the holidays and we eased back into things around here. Just getting up on time, getting dressed and ready, and doing any school work was a victory!

S was off Monday school. Fall finally came to Texas so we raked leaves over the long weekend.

But sadly, 3/4 of the leaves on our tree have not fallen yet. So, we will be doing this again several more times.

Tuesday was the day we started school, but first we had an important appointment which you have already heard about.

And THEN we started school. This week, each day we did:

1. Sonlight (reading, history, Bible)
2. Writing
3. a math practice sheet
4. science

So we have some things to add back in to the mix next week. But it was a good start.

And hey, learning can be found everywhere, right? This is Sweetheart melting some cheese for supper last night as I peppered her with questions about turning solids into liquids.

So, what change of matter is happening right now Sweetheart? Huh? The cheese was a SOLID and now it's a ....?

Mom. Really. I'm just ready to eat OK?


Speaking of supper and Sweetheart, she's really loving the cooking lately and I'm loving that! What do you do when your 12 year old begs to fix supper all by herself?

Well, you let her! And you get candlelight dinners!

Wednesday was my birthday and S sent me flowers!

We had already celebrated, but we went out to dinner before church. Not cooking on my birthday=happy me!

And yesterday something VERY AMAZING finally happened at our house!!

Yes! The laundry fairy came!!!!


  1. This is all very cute and such but wasn't this suppose to be Sonlight Part 2? I hate cliffhangers you know...

  2. No cliffhanger conclusions on Fridays!!

  3. You're blessed to have been able to get back to school. I started coming down with the flu on Sat. PM and was getting over it but seem to have picked up something else. UG! Now 2 of my five are coughing. We haven't schooled all week. Great pics and LOVE the laundry fairy!

  4. Wow!! You're having a girl! How exciting! I bet your older girls are ecstatic:)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment:)

    Happy belated birthday to you as well! Oh, and, when you're done with the laundry fairy, you can send her my way! :)

  5. Happy Birthday, and HOW CUTE IS THAT LAUNDRY FAIRIE??? I WANT ONE!!! :)

  6. Love the beautiful table. :) Laundry Fairy?!? What do I have to do to have my house visited by the Laundry Fairy? :)

  7. everyone needs a laundry fairy for their birthday!! :)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)