Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Room Progress, School Progress...Two Out of Thee Ain't Bad!

S is off the rest of this week so he can complete my Christmas present. He asked me what I wanted and I told him. I had cans of paint under the tree Christmas morning and this week, he's going to use them!

First, we had this wall in our bedroom which had been covered in wallpaper and then painted over before we moved in. So...I just painted over it too several years ago. That's the only wall we've ever painted in our bedroom since we've lived here. It was ugly. And we weren't about to start peeling that wallpaper.

So I showed S my board of ideas for our bedroom. And he totally caught the vision. So today, he and my dad did this:

New wall all covered in beautiful wood.

And new homemade baseboards...
Oh I love it! And we like it so much we decided not to wash white over it like we originally thought. And it smells wonderful! All wood-y.

Tomorrow the paint goes up on the other three walls. And see? There is plenty of room beside my bed for baby. :)

So having him home changed our day up considerably. First of all, I had to run to Lowe's for a few things this morning and help him move things in our bedroom.  After breakfast I made the girls a list of things to get started on and I ran the errands. We still managed to get most of school done even with boards being carried through the room and the nail gun and air compressor making noise, and all the activity. I had to actually make something to eat for lunch and be a runner for the men working, etc. So I was way busier than usual and did far less sitting on the couch. Probably both good things.

Thankfully, S was tired too so we went out to eat before church. Not sure I had it in my energy reserves to cook.

And I'm really glad for all this progress today. I'd like to tell you that I sewed on the quilts today and that I made progress on the quilts today, but those 2 things are not necessarily the same. Yes, I sewed. But when you have to seam rip the entire thing apart in the end, it's not considered progress. Note to self: don't do it backwards next time. Grr.


  1. pretty wood!

    I saw two out of three arent bad. We got a late start on school and with all the "other stuff I did with organizing we were still in the school room at 5:30 but my Pastor called and asked to me to run kids choir (his wife was sick) so I had to get dressed fast and drive all the way there by 6:30! (we usually go on Wed but thought the weather was going to be so bad we planned not too) Whewww. So we didn't finish everything BUT like you said 23 out of 36 AREN'T bad!

  2. Looking good! It is so exciting to see a room transformed. We just moved into our house a month ago but I've been busy painting and decorating our tiny little sitting room by the front door. I know it is kind of crazy, what with being 28 weeks pregnant and taking care of a 4yo and 2yo, adding that onto my plate -- but it helps me so much to be able to SEE progress on a project.

  3. Oh I'm glad you decided not to white wash it. After I figured out what you were doing (duh!) & remembered the picture of the bedroom you posted a while back, I thought that I am sure the white would be nice, but the wood is just so pretty by itself!!! Very lovely! You are really going to enjoy your new bedroom and so is baby girl! :)

  4. Beautiful! Want to send them 16 hours my direction? ;-)


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