Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sleep is Like Food

It's that important, I've decided. It's my answer to everything!

You're grumpy at your sister? You need to get to bed earlier tonight.

Math is too hard? You need more sleep?

Mama is not feeling energetic? I NEED TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!

Little Bit with her big bear. :)
Sunday I was kind of concerned about myself. I had been so out of energy all week. I was like 38-weeks-pregnant-tired when I'm only 24 weeks. That concerned me. I know I'm older this time, but man! I should feel better than this!

So I thought I'd call the doctor on Monday if I still felt that way but Sunday night I slept through the whole night and felt great all day yesterday. We did school, we had a Keepers at Home meeting, and had someone over to dinner last night and made it through all of that just fine!

Then last night I lost over 2 hours of sleep again. Which is why I did not get up with S this morning to make his coffee/lunch/breakfast and see him off. Which is why it is after 9:00 and we haven't had breakfast. But it's OK because if I don't make up that sleep I will not make it through the day. We're just on a different time frame than the rest of Texas today. I'm uh...on California time today. Yeah. That's it.

Just gotta have a beach frame of mind today. School hasn't started yet? It's all good!

In other news, I picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop yesterday so now I can work on the girls' room re-dos!! Yay! And tomorrow starts husband's vacation. He's going to be re-doing OUR bedroom. Can't wait. I'm looking forward to a relaxing retreat/nursery/mis-matched-space-for-a-while. We'll see how good I am about getting school done with him here working on the room. I know we'll be off-schedule for the rest of the week but that's OK because obviously I'M PRACTICING TODAY!

Yeah, that's it. We're practicing.


  1. pregnant tired felt like a different kind of tired. oh how i remember. not sure what my excuse is today. nope, i'm not pregnant. i'll blame the new kitty. ;) or the rain... it just started raining! we're a bit under the weather here, so school is slow-going. ugh. looking forward to seeing the make-overs. that's always fun. we've got to get started on ours here, too.

  2. Have you had your iron levels checked lately? That can make you feel really tired too. Hope you get the rest you need tonight!

  3. Oh, girlfriend, that third baby kicked my rear end! Seriously...in everyway! Well, my recovery was much better than the first two, but I am still trying to get my groove back. I feel it coming, though. :)

  4. Keepers at Home meeting? Is that for adults or little girls? Grace has a little book with that title that she and I are working through, but if there's a group - I'm interested!! Please do get your rest, and I agree you should have your iron levels checked. Vitamin D too! However, pregnancy caused exhaustion like I had never known!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)