Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Around the House

Over Christmas break, we were sort of productive.

Knowing you are having a baby in 5 months will do that do you. Gets you in gear.

The sewing room is in order. The bill paying desk and paperwork have been sorted out. The broom and vacuum actually go in the cleaning closet now. The laundry room is pretty organized. S cleaned out the garage and shed and back porch.

Now, for Christmas present! S will be painting our bedroom this month. We picked a lovely shade of blue and one wall will be covered in white bead board. We're going for a "beach house" feel in there. I certainly hope it feels as relaxing as I want it to.
inspiration from Pinterest...
Then this will call for new bedding as our current colors of sage green and maroon don't jive with my relaxing blue and white theme. Although I still love maroon and sage green. I'll probably donate the whole set (curtains, shams, dust ruffle, etc.) to someone who needs it. We've had it 5 years and if it matched at all I would keep it.

I have no idea what I want, but this always catches my eye. 
And yes, I am quite positive we will spend several months with blue walls and maroon and sage comforter. More than positive, actually.

I also organized the homeschool cabinet over the weekend. And made lots and lots of copies of things for the rest of the year. I wanted to not have to stop and plan between now and May. Whatever school we manage to finish this year will be a miracle and I decided being prepared was the first step in making that happen. Since I was planning on going until May 28 and now my due date is May 13......obviously we won't finish every single thing this year.

And then there are the elusive quilts I started for the girls 5 years ago.....a while back. Still not done. And Sweetheart came home from a friend's house lamenting how friend's room matched. And she wants her room to match. So I should probably spend some time this spring making the girls happy with some work on their rooms. It really wouldn't take much. Just a few touches here and there.

Cause I'm thinking this summer it ain't gonna happen!

This isn't so much nesting as normal life around here though. And you can bet it will involve some furniture rearranging. You know me.

Oh, I also still need to organize the kitchen.

In my spare time.


  1. great plans! can't go wrong with a beach theme. our room is a shade of blue. we love it! did you see that post? {don't you just love it when people put links to their blogs on your blog? sorry.} ;)

  2. I do remember that post but I'm glad you linked to it b/c it gives me hope. We have almost that EXACT furniture. Complete with the same drawer pulls and sea shell type things on the drawers. Yikes. Yeah....we obviously got married around the same time! :) We want to paint the furniture but not sure that will happen before May. That might be pushing my luck. day....


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)