Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up--Week 17

It's FRIDAY!!!

I am very excited because this afternoon I am going to surprise the girls with a trip to the movies. We almost NEVER go to the movies so it is a big deal for them. It seriously has probably been 2 years since we've been--can't remember exactly. We're going to go see just about the only children's movie showing at our local theater today and that is Beauty and the Beast 3-D. It was 30 degrees outside when I woke up this morning so the movies sound like a good thing to do for fun, huh?

We've had a good week, overall. I still struggle with having the energy to cook in the evenings so we have eaten out more than I would have liked this week but I DID manage to cook 5 or 6 meals at home since last Friday. It isn't just the energy because if it was you could tell me to use my crock pot. No, it's that what I set out to make earlier in the day gags me by 5:00. That's the other problem. Somehow restaurant food never gags me. Hmm.

We started the week out with a flood. It was a nice day to stay home but the rain was a distraction on the school work. But a nice one.

Our street. That's our Christmas tree awaiting heavy trash day. Somehow it didn't float away.

Our backyard was pretty full too. 

On the school front, this week Little Bit and I have been reading Dr. Doolittle. I had never read this book. She's enjoying it and really enjoys getting all the animals out every day to act out the story while I read.
Polynesia, Gub-Gub, Chee-Chee, Jip, Dab-Dab, and Too-Too. 

I've been working and thinking hard about her math and how to get her going on it. This week we played "Your Pile, My Pile" a lot with flash cards. That's a game where you flash the card at her and if she gets it right, she gets to hold it and if she gets it wrong, I get to hold it. Then whoever has the most cards at the end, wins. Of course she won every time because she was not about to let me win. It worked. She finally started getting fast on these easy facts. I thought the day would never come.

But after 2 days of that she was over it. Sigh. I'm still trying to figure this girl out and what works for her. So next I printed off several things for her to do on different math topics so she isn't doing the same thing any day. Variety is the spice of her life when it comes to math, I guess.

I continue to struggle with not getting every subject done every day. I'm just going to have to muddle through the rest of this year and hope that 4-day-a-week curriculum choice helps us out next year on this matter. I don't really mind that we don't do every thing every day....just that we seem to go several days without hitting a subject. That's not good. Maybe I'll spend some time this weekend working on that. It's bothering me.

Well, we've got lots to do before enjoying our movie day. Holding "a fun day" over their head is good for a lot of housecleaning mileage and schoolwork you know!

One last thing:

22 weeks. Please enjoy my towel. And yes, Kathy---the ironing board was up!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh I feel so special when I'm mentioned in your post! :) I can say, for ONCE, that my ironing board is NOT up! Hooray! I started back on Motivated Moms planner this week, and I have actually done *some* of it! It helps that I have a nag, I mean a son, who loves to remind me about MY chore chart! :)You are looking good! Is that an Egyptian hairdo?

  2. P.S. at least there's no produce on your bed this week! ;)

  3. Yes, I was going for a "foreign" look. :) I love Motivated Moms but I haven't purchased it for 2012. Not sure I would use it much. This year is going to be very different. My list will look like this:

    1. Get up.
    2. Shower.
    3. Get dressed.
    4. Make sure little people are fed and dressed.

    Whew! I'll be exhausted!

  4. You look awesome! We don't hit every subject every single day, either. Lately, I've had to drop spelling and writing just because we run out of time! Science is hit or miss, too. I try not to get discouraged, but I know just what you mean. Dr. Doolittle is such a fun book! Have fun at the movies!

  5. Well this is the first I've been able to get back on Motivated Moms since my baby arrived. So there will be hope for you in about 2 years! :)

  6. Oh I didn't purchase it either. I'm still using it from 2009...nevermind that the dates are off! I just go by the weekdays!
    And that is what you call cheap. :P

  7. I feel you on the food turning your stomach. When I was expecting DD I could not handle raw meat or eat cooked meat. Poor DH had to deal with the meat when he came home from work.

  8. well, i didn't even notice the ironing board with that great-new-up-do-towel-look! ;)

    so sorry we missed out on movie day! i was in the midst of getting christmas in the attic. wanted the house to be back in order before we picked up hubs from the airport.

    wasn't that rainy day wonderful? loved it. mostly because i didn't have to be anywhere. yay! :)

    i'm still trying to figure out curriculum/schedule. one would think that after nearly 7 years, one would have this down to a 't' by now.


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