Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nesting Via Others' Hard Work

It's the only way to go! For Christmas I asked S to paint our bedroom. Since baby won't have a "nursery" but instead will be in our room, I wanted to have a fresh space for her. And our bedroom was really not a thing of beauty. Isn't it always the last room to get attention?

I dug up some old pictures of our bedroom for reference.

That wasn't the prettiest it's ever been but oh well. So here are some NOW pictures:

Still need to paint the bathroom door white. It's the last remaining brown door in the house.

And of course, curtains would be good. 

Moved my dresser here to make room for baby. 

The formerly green wall.

Found a sign at the beach Sunday for our wall. Yes, the lack of apostrophe makes me twitch some but it is really pretty. 
 OK so I didn't even plan this, but when I bought the new bedding, I got home and realized it went pretty well with the towels sister got us for Christmas.
Of course, this naturally led right into the bathroom re-do!

Everything was just off-white before with wood cabinets. 

You should have seen this wall before!

Still need a door. Or a new shower curtain.
Here's some before pictures of the bathroom:

Shower torn out.

You can't really tell but this wall was paneling. Torn paneling stapled back together by the previous homeowner with dark wood doors. Odd. 
I can't find all my before bathroom pictures but trust me, it looks a LOT better!!!

So now I have 4 months to get curtains sewn and up, stuff hung on the walls and baby furniture moved in. Husband has done his part. OH! But I may have talked him into framing our bathroom mirror. I've wanted to do that for a long time! He likes it when I come up with project ideas. Makes him feel so needed.

And yes, I almost have forgotten about the girls' room re-do's....why do you ask?? :)

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