Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Pregnant Brain and Some Other Things

So....I've lived here my whole life. I mean, technically we lived in another city for 7 years but that city is only 15 minutes away's not like I really moved far.  I currently live on the same block I grew up on. I attended the same church for nearly 40 years of my life. That's the church where we are having my parent's 50th anniversary celebration.

And yet, inexplicably, I managed to put the wrong zip code on the invitations.

And then last night we had breakfast for supper. I put the ricotta cheese on the table instead of margarine.

Help me. Can I really chalk all this up to pregnancy brain? Please???

We went to the beach Sunday after church...
Our church is reading through the Bible this year. They have provided each of us with a chronological Bible. Very handy and already dated for you. On Wednesday evenings, our study will revolve around what we have read that week so there is extra motivation for keeping up. Last year I made it through April before I fell off the wagon. This year Sweetheart is also doing the reading. She's doing great right now but I dread when we get to say...Leviticus. We may have to do the reading together at some point. Genesis is all enjoyable right now. Our extra incentive is at the end of every month, if we are on target, we will all go out for frozen yogurt. Little Bit will be involved also but I am using the Egermeier's Bible Story book* for her. It's what she already uses for Bible in school. I told her if she listened to her story every day, she could have frozen yogurt at the end of the month. The point is to get us reading every day. I think I need to make a sticker chart for her. And maybe one for me too!

*I'll have more to say about this book in tomorrow's post!
 I'm thinking the water was kind of cold! 
Getting every subject done in school is very hard. I just read a friend's blog where she listed as one of her goals for the year was to only have school 3 hours a day. Her old pattern is to try to hit everything, have school last 6 hours or more, then burn out and take several weeks off. I quite agree that smaller doses, but regular doses, is healthier. I expected school to start taking longer the older Sweetheart got. I knew the glorious days of 1 elementary-aged student and 1 pre-schooler would not last forever. You know, where we were done by lunch no matter what? I just find it hard to get back at it after lunch. By then, we've been sitting and doing for quite a while and we all want a break. The dishes and laundry are calling to me. The backyard is calling to the girls. Then I find it hard to call us back to order. I guess I'm admitting a personal weakness. I know, wah wah, right? Public school kids go to school for 8 hours. It's just hard and next year I will be making some changes to help fix this issue.

Which was really funny!
Tomorrow I will be 5 months pregnant and will have exactly 4 months until my due date. FOUR MONTHS!!! Do you realize what all has to happen in those 4 months? (breathe in. breath out) OK. A lot, is the correct answer.

  • finish the school year
  • paint our bedroom
  • purchase some baby things
  • plan and have my parent's anniversary party
  • organize several areas of the house
  • hopefully go on some type of little vacation
  • get some meals in the freezer
  • make some menu plans that the girls' can make or help make the first few weeks
  • clean the carpet
  • finish the girls' quilts (my sewing machine is in the shop for a week right now!)
  • get the girls' pictures made
I'm sure the list will get more ludicrous and detailed and crazy (see point #1) in the next few weeks. I think I need to start a new spiral notebook so I can cross things off and keep track of all my crazy. 

That's all that's going on in my brain today. How about you? And do you have any freezer meal ideas for me? That don't involve death-inducing pasta for my diabetic husband? (I really miss pasta.)


  1. Hours of Study - Yup, our local government school prisoners are there 8-9ish until 3. However, factor in time in between classes, lunch, attendance, classroom management, shutting down time, etc and you whittle the actual amount of constructive time down considerably. Forget the comparison. You're an intelligent woman approaching a season of adjustment. You'll be fine!

    Search freezer recipes on Pinterest, I bet you find a zillion. :)

  2. My Mom homeschooled my brothers and I K-10 and her motto was "Start by 9 finish by 12." At 12, Mom was DONE and moving on to our home business or farm stuff - so we had to focus between 9-12 if we wanted her undivided attention. lol If it didn't get done, we had to pick it up the next day.
    It worked, we were always done by noon and off playing. We always felt sorry for our friends who were on the bus at 8am and dropped off at 4pm on the dot 5 days a week. As I got older though, I worked on school independently, all hours of the day and worked best at night.

    Now that I'm homeschooling my own 3 kids, I've adopted the same schedule - except it's more like 10-1. Trying to work on starting earlier (my problem there, working on stuff too late at night) but for now, this works for us.
    Another thing that I've done, is set our weekly schedule (we do Sonlight and BJU) for FOUR days and Friday is reserved for Science (we tend to get behind in that quickly for whatever reason), catch up whatever we didn't get to (usually a chapter in our read alouds) and extra curriculars (like piano & guitar lessons, crafts (few and far between though - my kids are constantly creating something). Gives me something to look forward to Mon-Thurs and gives the kid a less structured, fun day.
    (Don't be decieved though, it sounds like it's all smooth and no problems, but it's a struggle every week for me to keep the routine.)

    Congratulations on your coming little one - that is wonderful! I've been a long time reader, just never commented before. You're going to be just fine and you're doing great with your girls!

  3. One thing I've done in the past is to cook double portions of things that freeze well a couple of days a week. We eat half and freeze the rest. I know you feel pressure to get things done but remember that the world won't fall apart if it doesn't all get done! God bless.

  4. I remember one pregnancy I thought it was *really* important to clean all the baseboards in the house. At 8 months preggers. Can you imagine an 8 month pregnant woman on her hands and knees wiping down baseboards?! Maybe that one will make your list too. ;)

    As far as casseroles, I'm at a loss. All I know are pasta and tortilla ones. Post any that you get and are good, ok? :)

    Hey, I'm sorry. I never said Happy Bithday! So, Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Haha! *BiRThday* Darn phone. :)

  6. Karly - I've done the baseboard thing at 9 months pregnant! Not because it seemed like a good idea, but we had to have the house on the market because we were moving across the country. I can't believe everything I did during the last couple of months of that pregnancy. So glad our most recent move is already done so I can just spend time with the kids and slowly unpack during the last few months of this pregnancy!

    Brenda - I am selfishly looking forward to seeing what you do to adapt to homeschooling with a new baby in the house! My oldest will be 4.5yo this fall and I want to start a more serious schedule of "school work" and still can't picture how it is going to work out with a 2yo and a new baby along for the ride!

  7. Karly, I'm glad you understand the crazy. :)

  8. Hey with my last 3 month of pregnancy I was in bed and then the last month and a half in a hospital bed--- they opened my shower presents without me there and NO home schooling got done of course my kids were only 5 and 3! But still I had stuff I did with them everyday and a schedule and you know what it just because not as important as other things. As for meals. YOu have yourself an awesome little thing called a home school group that you know are good for AT LEAST a week of meals! best thing I would do it cook up taco meat! brown beef, add taco seasoning and there meat to thaw for tacos', taco soup, taco salad, taco ring, enchilada's. cook up chicken and dice it ... chicken for salad, chicken for chicken and rice casserole, chicken for HAMBURGER helper, chicken for JUST chicken!

    Also your mom lives a few doors down and WOWZERS you have an awesome friend who lives like 3 minutes away! You are SOOOO lucky!

    Yes, lots need to get done. but what doesnt get done will keep or you will get it done WITH a baby in tow. (or I will keep the baby--your pick)

    Oh and H-Mama-- did you hear her say she needs the girls pictures taken. SMile WINK, WINK???

    We are going to Dallas March 2-4, American Girl Store here we come.... JOIN US! We will have fun! Matt and Dave are going to some heritage, boys learn about the constitution and how to shoot things... us girls are going to learn about capitolism and the almighty dollar! Sounds awesome, yes.

  9. That does sound fun...but we are thinking S.A. this month. BEFORE I'm waddling. Good idea on the taco meat but my man bans chicken.

    And I just know you had a homeschool schedule with your 3 and 5 year olds!! I can see you now. :)

  10. hey I have pictures of our first annual Thompsons Open House for school-- where I showed off kaitlin's "work" and had the computer open to Little People Farm and ABC game, and refreshments... It rocked. She was two.

    Okay well you better hurry on the S.A. thing-- cant be long till your waddling. :0) bwahhh haaaa

  11. Breathe...just breathe! It will be okay if not all of your "to-do's" get done! Remember, newborns sleep ALOT! My last two babies slept over 20 hours a day for the first few weeks, only waking to eat. I always felt it was God's way of easing that little one into the family. That family vacation? Don't worry about it! Taking a newborn on vacation is actually quite easy! Our 2nd son went camping with us when he was only 6 weeks old! We took the whole family to Disneyland (driving for 2 days straight) when son #3 was just 8 weeks old! The girl's pictures? Why not wait until the baby comes...You have to do the new baby anyway, so why not just wait? The carpet? Baby won't be crawling on it for at least 8 or 9 months after she gets you've got a good year at least! ;-) Finishing the school year? No problem! The baby will be napping most of the morning and even if she wakes, you can easily sit on the couch to nurse and read to Little Bit at the same time! It won't really become a problem until she's about a year old and wants to get into everything...and even then, God blessed you with Sweetheart who will be at an age to do some babysitting. My oldest is only 9, but he does a really good job of watching my littles when I need it! Also, I second the idea of getting your homeshool group in on the freezing meals. I'm sure they will probably ask you what you need, and really, as great as onsies and sleepers are, you only need a few...they grow out of them so fast. I'd take the meals over clothes any day!

    God bless you Brenda! I'm excited for this wonderful new blessing that you're about to receive!


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