Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Home Improvement Bug....

...has bitten my husband. And I'm not looking for an antidote either! After he painted our bedroom for me this week, he told me to go ahead and get new bedding, which I was going to wait to do. He wanted to be DONE with a project.

And so after our bedroom looked so awesome and clean, I got up Friday morning and cleaned our bathroom. I also took out all the maroon and sage green stuff (the former colors of our bedroom and bathroom) and started replacing them with blue stuff from around the house. When he got home and saw the bathroom all cleaned up, he decided why not go ahead and paint the bathroom too? (It's never been painted---it was ugly off-white.) After all, we had the shower re-done last February. I think he's ready to be DONE with that project too!

So yesterday he started on that. Now I've got to scramble around and get some new curtains up in both places. I also plan to sew on the girls' quilts some today. I hesitate to even get on here and say that "it's sewing day" because as sure as I do, something will come up and I won't even look at my sewing machine. But, I have good intentions, OK?

Very excited to have a nice looking space for us and also to bring baby home to. Speaking of baby, she's kicking up a storm these days and I just love it. I'm not sleeping at night and I don't love that. But so far I haven't done anything stupid from being tired. Give me time.

The girls are at my dad's this morning eating green eggs and sausage in honor of Little Bit reading that book (well, the one about ham) by herself this week in school. Yesterday she started her new book and I just sat there in awe watching her read and work out words that she has never seen before. I've known it for years, but it never ceases to amaze me in action: once kids can read, they just keep reading better and better. It's very cool to watch!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


  1. I am so happy for you! I can only imagine how peaceful it will be to bring your new girly home to a new room:) And now the bathroom too! WOOHOO! Praying you get that sewing time in to bring the finishing touches to your living spaces:)

  2. Can you send that bug my way??? We really need to do some painting around here:) So happy for you!

  3. getting projects done is so rewarding!! that will make mama feel better when baby girl arrives. ;) we are trying to re-do some things, too. fun!

  4. It's always great to be motivated to finish projects. Can't wait to see the end result including curtains! And it's definitely true about the reading. Soon you won't be able to keep enough boos for her to read! What a blessing.


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