Monday, August 1, 2011

I Am So Glad...

...that going back to school doesn't mean dropping my kids off somewhere. I'm already feeling sad that summer is almost over. I'm not necessarily sad about starting school, because we're all excited about it really. But I am sad because I feel like we didn't have enough fun. And Sweetheart is growing up so fast. And what if this is the last summer when she's "little" and wants to play?
Sweetheart inside the display window at the store. You can't take us anywhere. 
I love my kids so much. I cannot imagine having them leave here every day for 7-8 hours. I really can't.

But back to Sweetheart growing up. I wish she would quit it already. Why can't she stay little? At the library last week, I was speaking to the children's librarian again because they still didn't have the correct number of little die cut shapes beside Sweetheart's name on the bulletin board. (Each one indicates 10 books read.) The librarian explained that was because Sweetheart was 12 and was therefore in the "Teen Reading Program." I assured her Sweetheart was NOT 12 and then said, "But, um....12 is a teen?"

Sweetheart posing by a backpack she wants for her birthday. Let us not even discuss how she did NOT ask for any toys for her birthday this year. :( (I already got the backpack)

Yes, at least according to the reading program she is. And for craft project days, 10 is a teen also. I looked at Sweetheart, who was grinning from ear to ear, pointed my finger in her face and said, "ONLY at the library!"

On the way home we talked about how next summer she would not be in the summer reading program. She would not get the free book and the ice cream at the end of the summer party. She was very upset. We also discussed how she was now too old for VBS (actually the one we usually go to goes through 6th grade, but many do not.) This was just all too much for her.

Last week Sweetheart sewed a "back to school  dress" for her doll.  It was so nice sewing together. 

"But I thought you wanted to be a TEEN???" I teased.

We relayed all this to Daddy at the dinner table. He told her he would make her a deal. If she could look through her Bible--any version she has--and show him the word "teen", then he would call her one. She said,
"It's not in there Dad. That word hadn't been invented yet." (I've taught  her well!) Then he went on about "you want me to refer to you by a name that is not even in God's Word?????" She was just grinning and shaking her head.

All done!

This is our last official week of summer and we have 2 end of summer/back to school parties to attend and we already attended one last night. I hope this is a fun week for the girls and I plan on letting them play a lot.

Because really soon, she will be too big.

Yesterday...digging for grass snakes and frogs. :)
Will I really look back at these pictures one day and think how little she looked?

That's why it's really important not to save all the "fun" for summer. Later this week I will be talking about how to make fun happen during the school year too!

Wow. This was from four years ago!


  1. They do grow up so fast. Our oldest is 13. She has already given up on playing. Where does the time go?

    By the way, I enjoyed the conversation with her dad.

  2. Oh, you've made me sad! As I've had children, I've realized that time is *not* my friend. :( Yes, it's exciting to see them grow and learn and become who God has made them to be, but it is so sad how FAST it happens! What a blessing it is to homeschool and spend that time with them instead of away from them!

  3. okay, I have truly not liked the word teenager-- it implies disrespect to me as if they ALL are! So now I have a great argument! thank you-- good post and kaitlin is at the same place... wanting to "grow up" but also still wanting to DO all those things she is too OLD for!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)