Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Not Even Talking To Myself Yet

So I just tried to put the Fritos in the freezer, if that tells you anything about my week so far.

It's been one unexpected thing after another. Yesterday I forgot to put the roast in the oven on time for, you know, supper. Then Little Bit called my dad to see if they were home yet and could she come to his house and instead he said "why don't you all come to eat with us?" and then he swung back by our house and picked us up and took us to eat Mexican food. In the words of Little Bit, "Well, that worked out well."

My dad just cracked up. That girl is a mess.

Then when we got home and sat down for 5 minutes, S called. He needed us to do an errand for him right then. OK. Off we go. The girls had been trying to watch a movie and I assured them they could watch it when we got home. They did, and that put them in bed around 9:15. Asleep at....9:45? will be starting a bit late today.

But it's OK because I HAVE A SCHEDULE!! And I'M FLEXIBLE!!

By the way, did you see Carrie's take on the wall schedule? I like it! The animals are a great idea. Our wall schedule has been the best thing ever for our school year.

It has made it so easy to get things done. If math is taking longer with Sweetheart, I can just glance over at the schedule and say, "Hey, Little Bit. Why don't you go ahead and do Handwriting while you are waiting on me?" So we do switch up the order as needed but we can easily look and see what we've done and what we still need to do. I just love it. (And I remembered the source of this great idea so I shall give credit where credit is due: Thanks Kellye! It was your picture that inspired it!)

Even though my week has not gone completely smoothly (as evidenced by the half-made baby quilt on the dining room table that has to be finished today--what DID distract me from that? I can't even remember.), we still are on track in school for the most part.

And that's one good thing about staying home a lot and not running around to every imaginable activity. Even though we are starting late today, we will have time to get done. We aren't locked into "OK we only have these 4 hours to complete school!" I would lose my mind.

I mean, even more than people who put Fritos in their freezer.


  1. Great lessons in being flexible...Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go take the cheerios out of the refrigerator and the milk from the cupboard. :-)

  2. The other day I put some hamburger meat in the microwave to thaw a bit, it was frozen solid and we were going to use it for dinner. Dinner time came around earlier than normal because my husband is working an overnight schedule this week and he has to be out the door by 6. It wasn't thawed and so we had hotdogs instead. I totally forgot I didn't move the meat to the fridge until about 2am, when I couldn't sleep and suddenly remembered. It was thawed by then...but after it'd been sitting at room temp so long I was nervous about using it and ended up throwing it away. I think we all have fritos in the freezer days.


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