Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Hardest Part

Housework? Challenging, but do-able.

Homeschooling? Work, but fun.

Laundry? Never ending, but mindless.

Cooking? Boring, but necessary.

Training my children? Getting harder every year. Give me toddler fits any day. Toddler fits I know how to handle. Give me potty training again. I was prepared for that.

Guiding my children spiritually? Overwhelming. Hard. Worrisome.

I see how other children have turned out around me. And there are so many pitfalls. And there are so few people around to help. There is so much to avoid and guard against and prepare them for.

Absolutely overwhelming.

So I will do the only things I know to do: pray, study my Bible, and obey.


  1. I hear you! Your solution sounds just right.

  2. You hit the nail on the head!

  3. agree.

    What I find the hardest is that I feel like I am TRAINING myself up right beside them because my parents who were "the best" parents of all my friends... the ones who had us in church, the ones who didnt get divorced, the ones who had kids turn out "good", the ones who did all the "RIGHT" things... didnt train me up! Don't even get me started on DAVE's parents!

  4. You know what to do! See? You're already ahead of the game! :)


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