Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our School Room 2011-2012

It's the same school room as last year--only with about 30-40% LESS STUFF! Big improvement!

And of course I had to rearrange. Because it was a day that ended in a "y."

Won't you come in?

Looking in from the hall. You can tell it's a new year because there is NOTHING ON THE FLOOR. Which  will never happen again.
Let's look to the right. Back in May I decided to put only books on the bookshelves. It just looks so much nicer! And now we can find our books easier too.
The boxes on top hold our archived (thrown in a box) stuff from previous years.  Notice that wrapping paper I used on the boxes.
Where the bookshelves end, there was just enough room to fit our printer. What a difference this has made! Oh it is so much easier to print and copy now! (It used to be in the living room in the bottom of the TV cabinet and you had to sit on the floor to use it.)
On the other side of the map is our All About Spelling board. I wish we had an easel or something but for now it just leans against the wall. I don't really have a plan for where we are going to do spelling either. Any AAS users out there? Where do you do spelling? Where do you put the board?

And see that cabinet there? The one that used to hold our TV, etc?

This is probably my favorite improvement in the whole room! Getting all this stuff off the bookshelves and off the table and not stacked everywhere and being able to CLOSE THE DOORS on it? Wondrous!
The top half is MINE! Can you see the wrapping paper covering the back wall of the cabinet?  The TV is for our Math U See lessons.

The bottom of the cabinet is the stuff the girls can get into. It's sort of not very organized but again--the doors close!

Beside our cabinet is the closet. Inside of the closet is a lot of stuff but that isn't the point of this post now is it? :) I used the doors to post our schedules.
There's our birds there. They add a lot of noise and feathers and bird seed to our room. And remember how I wanted bulletin boards to put above the girls' shelves? Only I really didn't have money for bulletin boards so I used some of the leftover wrapping paper to make "bulletin boards" for them! So cheap and easy!

Each of them have a shelf for their art (books, drawings, notebooks they doodle in), a shelf for school books, and another shelf for other school stuff and whatever else they need. And new pencil cans on top of their shelf that they can take wherever they are working in the house.

The room feels so much simpler than last year and like there is room to move and breathe. I am going to work hard to not have stuff hanging all over the walls and stacked all over the table.

But don't hold me to that.

Now you may be wondering how we all plan to sit at that table together and do 2nd and 6th grades when the girls aren't doing a single subject together this year.

Funny, I was wondering the same thing!

No, really. I have a plan. We'll see how it plays out tomorrow--our first day of school!

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  1. Ooooooh, Brenda! I LOOOVE it!! It is gorgeous! Wonderful job! :D

    I am just finishing up my post for the NBTS Blog Hop for tomorrow!

  2. I have to get a post up now for our room. I need more wall space, I can only get a tiny dry erase up right now. I love your shelves and cabinet!

  3. Great use of wrapping paper! The room looks beautiful and very functional! Do you have your bookshelf organized in a particular way? I'm trying to figure out how to organize mine.

  4. It looks great! That is cool that you have birds in there.

  5. I love your homemade bulletin boards! They're cuter than bulletin boards! What a great space!


  6. I think your school room looks great! I like, like, like the book shelf. I love how things fit together in pieces like the printer shelf. There isn't anything more annoying than a piece that's too big. :) I really like your bulletin board idea too. I am sure the kids look forward to using it.

  7. So pretty, I agree the book shelf is to die for!

    :) Valerie

  8. Aww...classroom pets! I love it! Our classroom pet is our kitty, plus a pug I am dogsitting for. ;) Love your space and especially those lovely book shelves! Happy HOMEschooling.

  9. Love your school room!!! Especially the black bookcase and the mirrored closet door.

    Wishing you all the best this school year!!

  10. It looks fabulous! I love how so many people have a table in the middle of their schoolroom. I am seeing a new desk and table to make that set up possible for my classroom - in my future!

  11. Your room looks great! I love it. Like you, I'm going to work hard this year at keeping clutter down to a minimum. It seems like the piles just take over every year. Well, this year is going to be different! I promise! I wish you the best of school years with your girls.

  12. Brenda, it looks great! The color is so cheery! I actually painted my laundry room this color this summer, but my schoolroom could use a perkier hue! You've made great use of your space! Hope it's a wonderful year!

  13. Woo Hoo! Looks like some ladies ready to rock their new academic year! :)

  14. Love your school space, love the bookshelves, and doesn't it feel fantastic to clean stuff out!?!

  15. Thanks for sharing your schoolroom. I totally agree - the printer nearby makes a HUGE difference!! And I am desperate for AAS space too. We are doing the same thing - just a magnet board propped up on the floor right now. :/ I've been hoping I'd find some creative suggestions on this hop.

    Tiffany @

  16. So much room for books, love it!!!

  17. It looks great. Love the use of the wallpaper to make the boxes look nicer and to make bulletin boards.


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