Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up--Week 3

Remember, my Weekly Wrap Ups focus on the "other" stuff--not the book work. Because honestly, who wants to look at a post full of pictures like this?

I'm so glad dolls are still allowed in the 6th grade!

But just remember--homeschooling has a lot of that in it!

We finished reading "The Boxcar Children" this week. We also finished the diorama. Oh Little Bit LOVED this project. She has played and played with it--each day acting out what I read to her in that day's chapter. Wanna see?

The whole scene around the boxcar.

Violet laying out the tablecloth and Henry at the swimming pool.

Jessie and Watch. See the little stump back there?

Benny reading his "book."

Yeah, so the waterfall just kind of STARTS. It's weird. But it gave us a little place to put the milk in the refrigerator. 

Inside: The 4 pine needle beds, the shelf with dishes, and the broom. 

Behind the boxcar, Little Bit made the dump. 

Time for a swim!

Oh I love that book.

The only thing I am disappointed about so far is that we have not had those "cuddling on the couch" moments that Sonlight promises. Ha! Not their fault. We are just already at the table so I read to them at the table. This is one reason I was originally looking for a big comfy chair to put in the homeschool room---so we could snuggle up and read. Instead we moved the TV cabinet in there and that has been awesome. I just need to be sure to get up from the table and walk into the living room to read to them! I guess part of me is afraid if we leave the homeschool room, we will get distracted and not get back to work. We'll see...

In science we did an experiment that was a total flop. Didn't prove a thing to us. I haven't really gone back to find out where we went wrong.

Little Bit adding blue food coloring to hot water.

Sweetheart is going to add a cup of cold water and yellow food coloring with a hole in the bottom. 

Put it inside. 

And they mix. But which water was heavier?? Hmm.
So we did the experiment the other way--hot water into cold water and guess what? The water turned green again. Hmm. This did not prove to me which one was heavier.

Thursday brought rain for the first time in forever. Not much...but rain nonetheless. And we found ourselves with temperatures in the 80s at about 9 in the morning instead of 100! Can't pass up that opportunity!

Once they got that out of their system, we started school late. Totally worth it!

Sweetheart got a locker for her birthday. My sister had heard Sweetheart lament about how she wanted a locker. (Several years ago she said, "Am I EVER going to go to real school again?" After some talking it turned out she wanted a locker. I told her most elementary school kids don't get lockers anyway.) So this year, my sister, who teaches middle school, wanted her niece to have the full middle-school experience. She has spent all week trying to learn how to work that combination lock! Ha! Just like the real thing! She's so proud of it.

And Little Bit found the box it came in to be quite handy. She just loves "little worlds."

And this mama is glad it's Friday and there is NO birthday weekend looming for us! I am behind on laundry in a way that I have not seen in some time, my kitchen was a total wreck this week, Little Bit's tics have been back because we missed her supplement a few times over the weekend...basically that fun little weekend threw me off my game bad!!

Therefore I need a weekend.

The End.


  1. I hope you get the kind of weekend you need!

  2. Love the Boxcar diorama! Love even more, that she used it to act out scenes from the book. I have a question though, when you move on from The Boxcar Children, will you store the diorama? If so, how? This is one of the things I have struggled with, where and how to store the "projecty stuff" from school. There are 5 sewing board time lines behind my couch at this very moment! Ha!

    Oh, and I have had more failed science experiments than I can count! : )

  3. you gals are so creative with your reading. and seeing you plug right along in your schoolwork suddenly makes me feel very far behind. we plan to officially start first week in september. the summer flew by, yes?!

    gracie has wanted the same 'school experience'... i may have to research getting her a locker. but, thankfully, they will not have to experience the pressure of having to open it with a time limit and 100 kids swarming all around. *giggle*

  4. I love the diorama you made for Boxcar Children. That is super cute. So where do you get those little peg people? Also the locker idea for Sweetheart is too cute!


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