Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Routine (And the Good 'Ol Summertime)

Today I'm linking up with the Tri-Moms and they are discussing routines. You know....how does your routine change from the school year to the summer?

This year was the first time we used a schedule that differed greatly from the public school calendar. We were steeped in the public school calendar before. I mean, husband and I both attended 13 years of public school. Then I taught 11 years in public school. Then our older daughter went to public/private school for 3 years. It was our life.

But last year I got brave and tried something different and we really liked it! It was called "a Sabbath schedule" and I talked about it here. And all the reasons why it rocks here. (That link is full of good reasons!)

It was very difficult for me in May, however. That was the time when all around me people were counting down the days until they were out of school and we still had WEEKS. Oh I was irritated. But it all worked out really well and I lived. And we still have SEVEN weeks of a summer break!

Now that I've seen the schedule through one whole cycle...I'm going to stick with it. It really worked well for us.

So how does life change in our seven week summer? Well..for one thing, we can run our errands in the mornings when it is not 100+ degrees yet and also all the late sleepers are not at the store. We love getting the errands out of the way while everyone is fresh and not cranky and stores are not crowded.

Also, I get big projects done in the summers. This is my time to sew and organize things around the house and switch rooms around at will. (Don't think I'm switching any rooms this summer! OR painting anything!  I know!!!)

The big break gives my kids time to get bored, wander around, and find things to do. They get to use their imagination. Now that we don't have TV (1 1/2 years baby!), they have to work a bit harder to find things to do. TV was ALWAYS Sweetheart's default. Summer gives more time for art, playing, chores, and swimming.

And on weekends we go to the beach a lot with Daddy.

We also go to the library every week. Our library has a lot of activities in the summer and we try to take advantage of  that. We also have a goal every summer of reading 100 books each. I think we've met that goal every year since Little Bit was 3. If you read 100 books, you get a certificate, an ice cream, and a free book at the end of the summer. I feel like I have so much more time to read to them in the summer.

We also used to do summer themes every week. I loved those. Trying to get organized to do some of those this year too. After all, Little Bit is only 7--she will still love them.

And here was our daily routine during the school year.

Go check out the other mom's routines: Suzanne, Kristen, and Kathi. (The link up is at Kristen's place--go join us and tell us your summer routine!)


  1. Now that school is out (for us, it is about 9 weeks in the summer), we tried going to the grocery store for the first time really early in the morning. It was great. So quiet and un-crowded! I loved it!

    Thanks, too, for linking up!

  2. I am investigating this sabbath schedule idea. I'm not sure if we'll do it yet but maybe. Thanks for bringing the idea to mind.


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