Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Like Dominos....or Maybe a Train Wreck

There isn't any reason to have the computer table in the living room since all we have is a laptop.

We could also do without the TV cabinet. Do we even need the TV?

Yes, for the Wii and for videos. (We still have videos, OK?)

OK. The Wii and TV and VCR/DVD player could go in the playroom. Isn't that what playrooms are for?

Then we could put extra seating in the living room and be able to have more people over for Bible study/dinner, etc!!!! Yes! This is a go!

Hey! I could use the old TV cabinet to store books/teaching materials in the homeschool room!

And that means S wouldn't have to build shelves in the homeschool closet. Instead, I'll stick the girls' bookshelves in the closet for them to keep their school stuff on.

And I wanted the printer in the homeschool room anyway. (It's in the TV cabinet right now.)

I have a small shelf in my bedroom that would fit the printer just right. I can move that to the homeschool room.

But what about the books I have on that shelf? They can go in my nightstand!

What about the doll clothes that are in my nightstand? (Don't ask.) They can go in the plastic drawers that are in the homeschool closet right now and need to come out anyway to fit the bookshelves!

1. Move books off girls' bookshelves. Put on black shelves in homeschool room.
2. Move bookshelves out of girls' room. Stick in homeschool room.
3. Move dollhouses out of playroom in order to fit TV. Put them in girls' room where bookshelves used to be.
4. Move cedar chest from homeschool room to playroom to put TV on. Move wooden cube from homeschool room to put DVD player on.
5. Move movies out of TV cabinet. Put in wooden cube.
6. Get plastic drawers out of homeschool closet. Have girls go through artwork in drawers.
7. Put doll clothes in plastic drawers. Put in playroom.
8. Move books off of small bookshelves and put in nightstand.
9. Move small bookshelves to homeschool room.
10. Move printer from TV cabinet to small shelf in homeschool room.
11. Have husband move TV, etc. to playroom. Wires confuse me.
12. Make a path of some sort through homeschool room.
13. Have husband move TV cabinet to homeschool room.
14. Make playroom look like a playroom again and find a place for everything.
15. Ditto the homeschool room. This could take awhile.
16. Find chairs for living room for cheap!
17. Find place for computer table.
18. Take self for a pedicure.

19. Don't be like me.
20. Trust me. Just don't.


  1. Here's my to-do list:

    1.try to keep up with Brends's super super-blogging by checking in 3x a day

    2. take a nap out of tiredness just thinking about Brenda's to-do list

    (just kidding! I know #19 says don't be like you, but really, you inspire me!)

  2. PS. Enjoy that pedicure! Make sure you actually get that one done!

  3. Hah! I am so like you:) I like your train of thought:)

  4. You inspired me to think about where else I can put my printer--right now it is under the little table in the living room where my laptop usually lives, but things are kind of messy under that table--and really, it doesn't need to be there. I could put it back in my school storage room and just take the computer to it when I need to print, which solves my problem of how to clean up the mess under the table in the living room...

    As for being like you, I rather suspect I am all to much so! But then, that's probably a good thing :-)

  5. I'm so glad someone understands!

  6. Erin... DITTO! :) that is hilarious. Good job making a list Brenda... of course a super super blogger would have had pictures.... I am just sayin.

    But yes, go enjoy that pedicure when you are done! :) Then come over to my house!

  7. Yep. I completely get this. Completely. Except I've never had a pedicure. And fairly certain I never will. Unless the 6 year old painting my toes and commenting on the "not prettiness" of them counts.

  8. LOVE it! Sounds just like me.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)