Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bit By the Frugal Bug

This was my second week attempting frugal grocery shopping and I am very pleased again. I only used 1 coupon and price matched 18 items at W-mart.

The problem with all the couponing this week was the match-ups I found on websites called for coupons that came out in the May inserts. I don't have those inserts as I wasn't saving coupons at the time. So, it will take a few more weeks before I'm all set on the coupon front.

This mama killdeer laid eggs in the flowerbeds at church. We've been watching her every week.
They hatched this week. I sure hope we get to see them! 

But I can still price match! I don't know exactly how much I saved this week as I forgot to write down the prices from W-mart. Last week I saved about $13, which doesn't sound like a lot. So why are my grocery bills so much lower than they have been?

I think it's because I'm spending the time going through all the grocery ads for all the stores in our area so I KNOW a good deal when I see it. There are many times when W-mart's price is better than the one I have written down. It's good to know that I'm getting a good price.

And of course, I'm not buying organic anymore. I would like to go back to organic one day...but not right now.

I love that I'm saving money on our grocery bill each week. Since I don't actually have an income....saving money where I can makes me feel like I'm contributing to our family's budget in a very real way.
My grocery store helpers. They are very patient and good shoppers.

Now, I need a better deal on my Internet and phone service! Our Internet has been flaky lately and to get a faster service it will end up costing only about $8-$10 a month more BUT $100 more for a new modem. That's not helping me save money. The only reason we even have a land line is for the Internet service. I wish i could get rid of the whole bill!

I'm all about getting a better deal. Once you start saving money, you feel really offended if you can't save on something. We went to Chili's last week with a "kids eat free" coupon. Bought books at the bookstore "buy 2 get 1 free" and used a Starbucks gift card.

It's official. I've been bit by the frugal bug. I LOVE saving money.


  1. You are so right! I don't think I can ever pay retail again! :)

  2. We have internet without cable or a landline. AT&T will do it, and they are charging $25 a month for new customers for a whole year.

  3. I'm with you! I used to coupon a lot and then got off of the roll. Now, I'm rollin again!

    :) Janet

  4. We have that same thing with att for internet for $25 and no phone, and then we got a magic jack for the phone, but i only ever use my cell phone anyway.

  5. Hmm.I think our home alarm requires we have a landline. Forgot about that. And the $25 is just for the year and after that it goes way up, right?

  6. Brenda, it goes up to about $40 - $45 a month after the first year, which is still cheaper than having home phone and cable. But...we've been with AT&T for years, and my husband saw their discount for new customers the other day, and called and told them he wanted to cancel and go with Charter. When they asked why he said it was because he didn't want to pay $45 a month for the same thing new customers that aren't loyal to AT&T paid and so they gave him the discount for a year rather than lose him to Charter lol.

  7. They will ALWAYS give you the better deal if you call about quitting them! I've done it several times. :)

  8. i love that picture of you and your girls, and i love that the baby doll is in the picture too :)


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