Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The First Grocery Report

Well, I went on my very first "saving grocery trip" this morning. I'd like to tell you about it. Here is a report from a complete coupon novice.

This week my only goal was to learn to price match at W-mart. I didn't use any coupons. Here is W-mart's price match policy. I'll add in other couponing techniques later. One thing at a time.

So I sat down with all the store ads yesterday and wrote down what was on sale that I might need. I fought the urge to stock up buying things that were a good bargain but we didn't specifically need this week. I wrote down, for example:

Ground Beef 93% lean (Kroger $2.99)

on a separate sheet of paper. Then I put a * next to "meat" on my grocery list so when I got to the meat section, I would remember to check my price match page.

Sometimes, W-mart had the better deal so I didn't use the price match. I ended up price matching 14 items. I put those at the back of the conveyor belt. I lucked out and got a cashier who knew what she was doing. In fact, she was training two new cashiers so I provided a good lesson for them.

It was so easy. I just read off what I had on my list (I had hi-lighted what I was buying on my price match list while I shopped) and she did a price override, typing in the price I told her. I didn't even say the store names. No questions asked. No proof needed. It was weird.

I ended up saving (I think my math is correct) 16% on my grocery bill. But here's the thing! When I am being really cheap, meaning I don't buy a lot of meat that week, I spend a certain amount. I spent a few dollars LESS than that amount today AND got 5 pounds of lean ground beef and a big family pack of chicken breast. AND STILL CAME OUT CHEAPER than my cheap weeks!!! And also got some name brand things that I normally would say "no" to.

I am very pleased with my first saving trip. Thank you Karly!

One more point. I went early while the cashiers were fresh and the store wasn't crowded. I think that really helped.

This saving thing is going to be a breeze!


  1. Yahoo! I am so happy for you! That's wonderful that you saved and got more for the money you usually spend! And meat too! :)

    Make sure you remember that cashier. Those cashiers are so valuable!

    Oh, and did I tell you Target price matches, too? It isn't as easy as Walmart, but you can get good deals if you price match, and if has a coupon and you have a manufacturer coupon? Wow! The savings!!

  2. Price matching is a smart and ethical way to go about saving money. I have just one request. Please don't use the 20 items or less express lanes when doing it even if you have less than 20 items, if you are going to be price matching. (Haha I have been stuck behind those kinds of people several times in the last week, and I'm about to pop with a baby and my patience level is not what it normally is).

    Anyway, it's great that you saved that much!

  3. Great job, Brenda! That's some serious saving.


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