Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Because I Have So Much to Do

We are going swimming today naturally. Of course that's what you do when school starts on Monday and you aren't ready.

Also it's sewing lesson day.

So yeah, my day is pretty well shot as far as productivity goes.

On the other hand, I will be visiting with 2 good homeschool mama friends. Surely we can hash out some details of the upcoming year while the kids play. While the 9 collective children play. Surely.

I will tell you one thing of importance. I just could. not. get. going on the school planning and THEN my free copy of Home Educating Magazine arrived in the mail. I won a subscription last year.

There was an article on "Sabbath School." The author told about the pattern of 6 days of work/ 1 day of rest being a wise pattern the Lord set up for us. She took it a step further and schools 6 weeks and then takes 1 week off. Sounded very wise to me. Avoids burn-out. Spreads the year over 12 months instead of cramming it into 9.

So I did that. I got a calendar from here. I counted and figured and there might have been a bit of smoke coming out of my ears at one point but the bottom line is:

We have 36 weeks of instruction broken into 6 week segments. We have a month off at Christmas. We have 6 weeks for summer break.

I think I like it. We'll see how it goes.

But first I must swim.


  1. Enjoy your day Brenda.

  2. I just received a copy of this magazine and really enjoyed it. We study 9 weeks and take 3 off. It allows time for deep cleaning a section of the house each break, time to sew and build forts, etc that we can't do while we're studying. I hope you enjoy your custom schedule! We have lessons today too, but ours are in the evening ~ sorry we'll miss you! ;)

  3. Neat idea! I would love, love, love to be that structured - knowing there's a week off every few weeks would be perfect for things like scheduling Dr's appointments, field trips, and fun stuff! However, it seems in my life lately... unpredictability is the name of the game :-/ Impromptu days or weeks off are popping up completely out of my control! Agggghhhh!! (me screaming and trying not to pull my hair out!) So I'm just rolling with it for now. Maybe one day I can get some sort of structure going!

    Have a fun time swimming and sewing!

  4. You made me chuckle. Right now I have movers packing my house and, what am I doing? Yep, playing on the computer! Sitting on top of the kitchen table - they already packed the chairs- under the air conditioner while the men sweat and do the hard work.

  5. I got my magazine and I also loved this. I have been mulling over it all day. Since I have alrady wrote and planned in 16 weeks worth of school ( I know, crazy) I am a little challenged if I should reconsider and redo it. I am goin going to pray about this.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)