Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Reasons Why It's Good to Take a Week Off

Next week is our week off on our "Sabbath schedule" that we are using for school this year. (6 weeks on, one week of rest) This is our second week off since we started the school year and I have found many good reasons to take this time off:

1. We have lost all the pencils by now. Last time I gathered up pencils from all over the house during our week off--most of them from the girls' bedroom. Then I sharpened them all and had them ready to go for the next 6 weeks.

It's that time again. The pencils have all gone missing.

2. The house needs to be reigned in. Yes, I clean every day and we've gotten the house good and cleaned up for company several times in the last 6 weeks, but there are SO many jobs that get neglected....and mostly, that I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO DURING SCHOOL. Like, for example, bag up giveaway items for the truck coming next week. Next week is my time to really dive into housework first thing in the morning instead of after school.

3. Lesson plans. In the past when I only taught Sweetheart, I didn't really make lesson plans. Maybe I was rebelling because I hated making them when I was a teacher? Maybe I wanted to fly by the seat of my pants and enjoy the freedom of homeschooling? Most likely it was because I knew what I wanted to do and really didn't need to write it down for ONE CHILD. But with 2? Yeah....I need lesson plans. Last time I planned out the whole 6 weeks and it was SO loverly to walk in the school room each day knowing what we were going to do. I devoted 2 days to school stuff last time and it was very worth it.

4. Avoiding burn out. The girls are ready for a break. I'm ready for a break. It comes just in time. Actually this week we were ready for a break but we pressed on, knowing we only had one more week to go. These rests really are important.

5. Permission to do frivolous things. I try to take off from all activities the week we are off. If there is a field trip or homeschool event, I try to say, "sorry, we're off of school next week" and not go. That way I have time to sew, work on Christmas presents, plan a birthday party (this time) or whatever seems to be at the bottom of the list under laundry, cooking, bills, and school.

6. Rest. I know I almost missed talking about this one, but there really needs to be time for rest, not just "no school." I don't sleep any later, but I find time to sit down and sew, etc. The girls have lots of time to relax, watch some movies, and play outside.

7. Time to implement changes. I have realized that Little Bit's growing list of sight words taped to the wall is not working. I have them written on index cards and taped to our mirrored closet doors. But, the list is so long that she can't reach the tops ones! So, I decided I need to make a word wall with the cards put up in alphabetical order. I'll have time to do that next week.
Also, their binders we keep work in are a mess and need to be organized. And I need to write descriptors in Little Bit's timeline for Mystery of History. Little things that get overlooked and I get behind on during the regular days...I have time for these on our week off. And so we start back feeling all caught up and clean and shiny.

I am sure I'll think of more later, but suffice it to say: I LOVE our new schedule.


  1. Who says you need a reason for taking off for a Sabbath??:) You DO have good reasons though.
    We have a light load on Fridays so we don't have to do EVERYTHING in the housekeeping dept on Saturday and be so wore out on Sunday morning I can hardly get to church on time.

  2. Hi Brenda,

    Great inside look at how your schedule is working! Thanks for sharing---can I use this for The Homeschool Corner? If so, just send me the code like last time. I am thinking about building a team of mom's to share on there. Your posts are a great encouragement!

    Many blessings...

  3. I am so tempted to do this next semester. I already planned everything out until Christmas. I am still nervous of it but I know that this could be a great thing.

    Have a good week.

  4. Saw your post on Homeschool Corner. Thank you for sharing your schedule and all the reasons it works for you. Have a blessed day.


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