Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deep Thoughts and Thursday

I have many deep thoughts today but it's Thursday and my house is a mess all around the edges. Seriously, the kitchen table is clean, the living room floor is clean.....but all around the edges there are stacks and piles and mess and sacks to be donated or sold.

Piano practice with a partner.
I don't have time to be deep today. Plus, I'm still thinking on it. I e-mailed Carrie to rant about people (who go to church) raving about seeing a certain movie that did not, inspirational. I read the review for said movie at and wow. I was floored. So I e-mailed Carrie about it and we got into a conversation about TV and movies and modesty and just where is the standard? Then we both went to church last night and guess what was talked about at both churches??? Weird. And then I got home and read a blog post that fit so I sent it to her and S and I spent all evening talking about these things.
Little Bit slept in the living room for weeks when her tics were so bad. She slept ALL over the living room!

And I'm still mulling it over in my mind. I have to do that for a while before I can write it all down for you.

But it's Thursday right now and my house is only clean in the middle. Also, I have to clean out the TV cabinet today so we can move the TV to the toy room and the cabinet to my homeschool room. Not that it will fit in there right now. We are finishing up school in the middle of a war zone in there, I'm tellin' ya. At some point we will probably  have to finish the year at the kitchen table because I started on this rearrange a bit early. Oh well.
I love sewing these dolls! Aren't they cute?

Hoping to remove mass amounts of stuff from my house today.....and mulling deep thoughts in the process....

What are you doing on this fine Thursday?


  1. So two link ups does that mean I have another harsh comment coming? :)

    Sounds like you need to MAKE A LIST... Do as much as you can and STOP and breath. Oh and maybe stop arranging or at least stop arranging until it is a better time (which won't happen)

    You know even with as much upheaval as you HAVE--- you have had it before and it all gets done! RIGHT! I am fixing to upheave my house! I am going to start on Monday--- going through bags, boxes, shelfs and GET RID OF STUFF!!! and then after Matts tonsils are taken out and I HAVE to stay home for 10 days which I am totally looking foward to-- I am rearranging the house MINUS the school room (which is awesome and I still love it!

    FOR NOW anyway!

  2. No, it means my comment was so totally snark-awesome that I owed you 2 links. :)

    So he IS getting the surgery done? that's probably good. And home for 10 days? That does sound nice!!! Will that fix the sleep apnea?

    Girl, I have to rearrange right now because I'm on fire about it!!! It's goign to be so cool!!!!! And I already have a list. :)

  3. Oh, I am intensely curious as to which movie you're referring to! Get all that organizing stuff done and get to blogging about it! ;-) Your house in organization mode sounds like my house all the time... I think that's bad on my part...

  4. Erin, it was Hangover II...the review I read was here:

    I wouldn't read that with any young ones looking over your shoulder!!

  5. Hangover II? My goodness, I thought you were referring to something borderline, whatever that means.

    I've been thinking myself a bit about how the movies we watch and the books we read can be damaging. I wasn't thinking about stuff like the movie you're referring to because I assume it would be universally denounced by most Christians. Guess I was wrong.

    Please tell me that this was not at your new church?!

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  7. um, wow! i, too, wasn't expecting it to be that one! yikes!

  8. Double wow. My hubby was telling the guys at work (non believers, mind you) not to go and see this filth. He was laughed at...obviously. But I seriously wouldn't expect to hear a convo about this type of movie in church. Sad. A friend of mine had this up on their Facebook status yesterday and I thought it was appropriate:

    "[T]he slack lifestyle that accompanies the kind of fellow who rents ten videos for one weekend is not conducive to acquiring anything worthwhile to say. If you listen to stupid music, watch stupid movies, and read stupid books . . . well, congratulations, you’re stupid" - N.D. Wilson

    This is certainly not the kind of witness we want to be, is it??

    In other comments, YES! Those dolls are adorable! Love them! And keep it up with your're almost motivating me:)

  9. Well, let me clarify. No one talked about it at church...but a few people who I know go to church posted about how funny this movie was on Facebook.

  10. Um, wow. I just read the Plugged In review and am stunned. Disgusted. Sort of speechless. How is that given only an "R" rating? It sounds p#rn#graphic! :( It's sad that the WORLD is watching this stuff as if it's commonplace humor... I can't even speak on the idea of Christians watching it. :(


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)