Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Beach and the Closet

I couldn't face the homeschool room today. So we did this instead:

Little Bit

Yes, this large child is mine!!! Stop growing Sweetheart!

We met some friends at the beach and had a great time. We saw jellyfish, but no one got stung. Normally, I'm a jellyfish magnet.

And after very refreshing showers, I was ready to finish that closet!

How did the closet get so bad??? Wasn't it just a little while ago I was cleaning it out???


But now the right side holds all the out-of-season and don't-fit-yet clothes.

This closet goes back a long way on each side.

And the left side fits all the extra toys and games. That left the middle. The part that shows.

So I lined up some friendly faces to look at.

And then I found a place for something very important. (Thanks for the idea Masto Mama!)

Doll School!

They bring their dolls to school all the time anyway. In our old homeschool room there was a little space to put them, but they always needed to be picked up later. Sweetheart has the same Doll School set that Masto Mama's daughter has but she's never had a permanent place to put things up.

They were very excited about the area. Even though Sweetheart is close to out-growing it (but not yet!), I know Little Bit will continue to use that area for a long time.

And...I sent Little Bit back into the deep recesses of the closet while we were cleaning out and she found the Bible Daddy has been looking for a LONG time.

And with that happy note (they are in there playing right now)...the closet is done!


  1. That is awesome - a fun AND productive day! My husband lost his Bible, too - is it in your closet, too, by any chance? Maybe I should check ours, first...

  2. Whew! I thought your closet went Narnia on you and you found a beach in the deep recesses!

  3. As happy as I am with my organized schoolroom, I would much rather have been at the beach with my family! How fun! Oh- and I love the Doll School! Following you now.


  4. The beach...I so need the beach. I grew up with the beach within a short drive and I need to be on that sand with the waves!!!!

    Laughing over the Bible being found. My closet hasn't been cleaned out since I was pg with Noah. I wonder what I will find in there.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)