Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Need a Little Help Here

I like our school room to look different from year to year. (No duh...I like every room to look different, huh?) I couldn't stand to have this space look the exact same way every single school year.

This next year will already be different in several ways (new furniture moved in here), but I want a way to make a space of their own for each girl. Now that we are housing all books on our big black IKEA shelves, the girls no longer needed bookshelves in their bedrooms. So, they got moved in here and will be used for storing their school stuff. Kind of like lockers but without doors or locks.

The only part of the room I'm through with. LOVE it. 

The shelves are pretty special. Sweetheart's (below, on the right) was built by her dad and used to be in his bedroom in high school. When we made a nursery for her, that shelf became hers. Then when we were expecting Little Bit I was sad she didn't have a special shelf made by her dad when my sister-in-law offered the smaller one on the left. It was built by my father-in-law a long time ago. He passed away in 1994 and obviously the girls never met him. So I think it's neat they each have a family-built shelf.

I'm cleaning these off today.  Those are some planets from our solar system hanging there. 
I may let them decide what to put on top of their shelves. I was also thinking of putting bulletin boards above their shelves with some of their favorite things on them and also some helpful school things. I was inspired by Masto Mama. Just look at her children's cute boards! (And their whole classroom!)

So I looked online and there are some cheap ones at Target but according to the reviews....not worth it. Too cheap. I hate to put big holes in the wall anyway.

 Any ideas for what I can do above their bookshelves to give each girl a little "space of her own"? 


  1. I think bulletin boards would be cute! If you can find cheap ones (not sure where) you can paint the frame in a cute color, cover the corkboard part with cute fabric and then find wooden letters for their name to paint and glue to the top. And then, you don't need to nail them to the wall. You can just sit them on the top of their shelves. Hmmm, I wonder if you can find bulletin boards at a good price with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby?

    You inspire me.... as soon as school ends and the holiday weekend is over, I'm gonna get creative!! :)

  2. Ok why did it not even occur to me to just lean them? Goog grief! There are some at target for only $6something but the reviewers said you could barely even push pins into them!

  3. http://tipnut.com/bulletin-memo-board/

    Lots of cute ideas there, where they could make their own and personalize them easily. With leftover fabric, you could do a lot! :0) Can't wait to see the finished products!


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