Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Bit is Sick Today...

...and I cannot imagine her being sick and having no one to comfort her. I've been thinking about these things a lot lately.

We live in a fallen world.

Several months ago I found Adeye's blog. I found her blog when she was still in the Ukraine gone to rescue her precious Hailee and Harper. I spent hours one weekend in her archives reading the back story on these two little girls. (And her other two girls!) I have greatly enjoyed reading her blog since then. I rejoice with every new pictures of Hailee and Harper and how their lives are so very different now and the joy they have brought with them. 

From Adeye's blog, I found other blogs of parents who have adopted or are adopting other special needs children. I have seen other sights. I have visited Reece's Rainbow. So many children are waiting. It's sort of overwhelming.

There are so many wonderful stories.

There is so much that is hard to hear about.

There is so much that is happening RIGHT NOW. 

There is a vote that will be taking place soon in one of the countries that could end all adoptions. Family busy filling out paperwork to get a child? Stopped. Family making travel plans to go pick up their new son or daughter? Stopped. Family ALREADY THERE to get child? Stopped.

I do not know all the details about this country or about the vote. But I have been praying for God to grant this one victory for these children. That they would be able to be adopted. That godly families would pound down the door of any country where there are children waiting. That the church would get serious about "taking care of widows and orphans."

 There are so many waiting. So many.

It's because we live in a fallen world. They wouldn't be there if their parents had been perfect people living perfect lives in perfect situations. There would not be special needs children cast aside from birth. It just would not be.

I know the care takers at Hailee's baby house have taken notice of what is going on. In a matter of months THREE of the 6 children from her old room are being adopted. The most severe from that baby house are being scooped up and wanted. They are taking notice I'm sure. I know someone else who is taking notice also....the Enemy.

Perhaps Satan thought it was no big deal if a few special needs kids that no one has ever heard of get adopted. What power do they hold? How will they ever advance the Gospel? I'll tell you how. Because in every situation, God is getting the Glory.

I've been praying for the Lord to fight and win this battle for these children. For the families who long for them and are working hard to get to them.

It doesn't make any sense, you know. Why would a king want for his kingdom the weak, the feeble, the simple-minded, the sickly? How would that make his kingdom look powerful? How would that show his strength?

Wouldn't a king rather gather for himself the strongest, the most powerful, the smartest, the best trained? Wouldn't that make his kingdom seem the best? What king wouldn't want the best warriors that were to be had?

But our Lord does not work that way, folks. The least of these are the greatest in His Kingdom. Praise the Lord! His power is made PERFECT in weakness.

I pray that the Lord will show his power now more than ever. The weak we have....His power is what we need.

Will you pray with me?


  1. Praying, praying, praying. Isn't Reece's Rainbow amazing! I have followed and prayed several children home. All children are treasures, made in God's image. All deserve loving families. So sad when these countries put politics above the welfare of children.

    Adoptive Mom to three AMAZING blessings. God is so good!

  2. I was just stopping by to check in on you. Great thoughts, and I will pray. My husband and I once thought about adopting, and I'm still not sure if we didn't miss God in deciding not to. My husband was very uncomfortable with the intrusiveness of the process, and it didn't take much for him to say, "No, thank you." What to do?

    So glad you're happy--I've been fighting a bit of [somewhat self-imposed] holiday stress myself, so if you would, I would sure appreciate you lifting up my name to the Lord, mainly for clarity so that I can walk constantly in His will. In the meantime, I won't complain.

  3. I know several RR families. The CHANGE in those kids from orphanage to a year home is unreal. Honestly. You wouldn't believe they were the same kids.

    I just tucked my little ex-Ukrainian in a few minutes ago. I absolutely ACHE to think of where she would be if God hadn't made plans for her that didn't include the title "orphan".

    Praying with you- and for you:).


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