Monday, December 13, 2010

The Christmas Party

Well, here we were all dressed to go to the Christmas party. These are the best pics in the world, but they are what we have. I do NOT have a large red bow in my hair! That's from the Christmas tree. Ha!

The lighting in these pictures is horrible.

Last Christmas. Oh look! Same skirt and shirt!

Twenty pounds doesn't show up like I hoped it would, but I am smaller here. Promise.


  1. I can see the difference:) Love that jacket and shoes:) Totally worth the facebook-whine:)

  2. I forgot to mention I had to take the skirt up before I could wear it! I sewed it up about an inch on each side!!! :)

  3. Oh, Brenda! You look great! LOVE the entire outfit, and I can see the difference, too! Way to go!!

  4. You look great, Brenda! Take care always. Be blessed!

  5. I can see a difference you look really nice and I do think those shoes where worth the effert it took to get them.LucyT

  6. You look GREAT! The shoes are The Bomb and they even look comfy. I love them!


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