Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did You Think My Thoughts Would Be Jointed Now?

Ha! I've been off-line for 4 days!!!!

And I lived to tell about it.

We left Christmas afternoon for my parent's trailer (the land of no internet connection) and spent a few days relaxing. S had to come home Sunday night but we stayed with my mom and dad until Tuesday. It's nice to be home now.

But it's nearly the new year and I have a lot to do! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh starts. It can be the beginning of the school year, the beginning of a new 6 weeks of school, whatever. I love to start over and have a clean slate.

Except right now, the slate isn't very clean.

I was already formulating lists of things to do in my head when, right before bed, I read Mrs. Fuentes' post about planning for the new year. That really got me excited about planning!

Right now I have four categories:

Kitchen (meals, food, etc.)
Financial (ug)

What am I forgetting?

I'm off to do easy things that make a BIG impact like take down the Christmas decorations and clean the bathrooms.

Somehow that seems better than working on the checkbook.


  1. I am glad your back.I need to clean and take down our trees. We ended up with three this year.One in the boys room one in the girls room and one in the living room.We use to have two more but I am getting old and tired.i do like a tree on the front porch though so maybe next year.

    I need to be planning my kids new years eve party but being older and tired I would really like to skip it all together. not an option. so do you got any good ideas I can steeL.

    My goals this coming year are really BORING.
    1.get school done
    2.exercise eat healthier drink water off all bills except house payment(enless we get a miracle)
    5.paint all my 70's paneling flooring thru out house
    7.most important and not at all boring goal keep a daily bible and prayer time

  2. SAME HERE!!!!

    Hey I am sending you an evite to something I want to do in Feb... let me know what you think!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)