Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Get Disjointed Thoughts Today

My babies with Santa last week.
My mind is a scrambled mess. I'm sure you understand. If you are female, you probably have 417 things going on in your brain at this point in the week. I've made lists...still I have more to think about.

Are we too busy? Well, not really. I just have a lot to DO.

I think Christmas is a bit more enjoyable when you are little. That's all I'm saying.

First of all, we are eating at my sister-in-law's house on Christmas eve. She lives right near us so it's not a big deal. She asked me to bring macaroni and cheese. I asked her what else we were having and as the current menu stands, S will be eating........ham.

His other sister and her husband are diabetic too, by the way. They just aren't worried about it at all. So I'm making a diabetic dessert and bringing a veggie tray too. My husband will have something to eat besides ham!

We do brunch at my mom and dad's house on Christmas morning every year. I'm bringing little smokies in diabetic barbeque sauce. Yum! I bossed my two big sisters and told them what they would be bringing. Someone has to take charge or my dad will do it all himself!

Besides all the food related thinking, there is copious amounts of laundry to be dealt with today. I plan to put on Christmas music while I do it and thereby make it very festive.

Even though it will be nearly 80 degrees here today and I am wearing flip flops. FESTIVE do you hear me????

Tonight we will go look at Christmas lights. There is a house here in our town that puts up like 150,000 lights and has all kinds of collections to look at and a huge model train village set up and all sorts of things. We are going to go walk through that tonight. While sweating. Christmas in Texas!

I turned a man's dress shirt into a lab coat yesterday. I think it sort of looks like a lab coat anyway. Sweetheart wants science stuff for Christmas so the lab coat is part of her present. That was hard working off of no pattern!

Today I will be sewing little drawstring bags (with a tutorial this time!) for the Nintendo DSes (DS's? deeesses?) that the girls are getting. If I were in charge of the world, they would have owned a DS...never. But husband thinks its a good thing (with limits of course) to keep up with technology and they are going to be thrilled! I can't wait for them to open them. The bags are to carry them in and keep them protected.

I also need to make sister a gift. It requires mod podge. And the girls will be making bath salts for their grandma and aunts.

We are very crafty here. And humid. Did I mention that? And the bath salt recipe says to make it on a not humid day? I think the a/c will have to come on for a while!

Is your head spinning? Did you really need to add my to-do list and ramblings to your own?

Glad I could help!


  1. Brenda, I know what you mean about the DS's, but let me tell you they are great for waiting rooms and long car rides! :)

    My girls (10 & 14)and I will be baking today and tonight we will all go out to look at Christmas lights. Here in AZ it's only getting up in to the 60's and we might even get some rain today, so we are feeling "Christmas-y"!

    Love your blog and am wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!


  2. gotta see pics of the lab coat! did yout get her goggles? they have them at the dollar store! What a fun christmast "theme"

    we got out our "expanding" snow again this year.. the kids love it! it is about as white christmas as we are gonna get!

    I have both doors open, with christmas music blaring! the oven is on so we are HOT!

    I love random thought blog posts!

    we have NEVER been to that house, isnt that sad! maybe we should take a trip over there!

  3. You are just having an Australian Christmas lol. Christmas is in summer in Australia, although where I'm from, that means much hotter than 80 degrees.

    I want our kids to have DS or something similar...for the car and waiting rooms etc ONLY. Not to be used in the house for any reason. :)

  4. I stumbled onto your blog and just love it. You write like I think! We are also in Texas and praying hard for some rain here. Wishing for humdity. Anyway, just a note to say love your blog and Thank you for the laughs!

  5. Came across your blog and I'm loving it. We had the same situation here with DS. The kids were so stunned when they opened them because they knew that I had said it was never going to happen. My oldest said, "You let daddy buy DS?" hahaha


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)