Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet 7 Year Old Wrapped Gifts

Not that the gifts have been wrapped for 7 years.....I mean, the 7 year old wrapped them herself. Oh they are sweet.

We took the girls shopping at the dollar store last night. We did this last year as well and it works out so well. I want the girls to know about giving, not just getting. As Sweetheart put it last night, "Mom, Giving gets a capital G and getting gets a lowercase g."

Well said.

Our Christmas tree this year.
I've always made sure they had gifts to give although sometimes I made them or bought them. NOTHING can compare with how they feel about going to the store and purchasing, with their own money, gifts for the family. They are so excited on Christmas morning, not only to get...but to watch loved ones open their gifts too. I love that.

It's pretty hard shopping for men at the dollar store. This was the kind of dollar store where everything is actually a dollar. It's easier that way. But they found great gifts for each other, their grandpa (Grandma's is homemade) and me and their dad. I helped them wrap a few of the gifts when we got home and then let them finish up on their own. There is nothing more beautiful than gifts wrapped by clumsy little hands.

I have determined that everything is going to be wrapped and under the tree today. I'm done. Well, I will be later today.

We also looked at Christmas lights last night but you'll just have to trust me it was cool since all the pics are on S's phone. Know what else I'm ready for? I'm ready for my husband to be off of work and home with us!
The girls making bath salts yesterday.

The finished product: (our last name) Girls Peppermint Bath Salt.
Have a fun day wrapping, buying, cooking, baking, singing, or whatever you are going to do with your family today!


  1. sweet, I have a post later in the week of Emily wrapping.. it IS sweetness!

    We are having the kids buy each other gifts this year, although we are paying for it. Next year however they will have THEIR own Christmas fund (per one of the many changes come NEW YEARS DAY)

    I am also glad you clarified your post title... it read funny! :)

  2. Having your girls shop at the dollar store is a great idea.I as always am going to copy your brilliant idea and take my kids tomorrow.I really don't know how I ever came up with any plans before I found the blog world.LucyT


  3. Big G, little g...gotta love it!
    All my kids (that are old enough, lol) get dates w/ me to shop for siblings. The dollar amount is limited ($50=5 siblings); the care & attention to choose a gift,wrap it, then to watch it be opened is priceless! *smiles*


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)