Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last Week

It rained all day yesterday. I literally mean all. day. The girls went out on the back porch for a while but it was cold and wet and it didn't last long. I never remember a day where the rain just didn't stop at all.

So we have a little pent up energy is what I'm saying.

Yesterday I did manage to take down Christmas, send some invoices, unpack from our trip, and clean the bathrooms. That really doesn't sound like much! There needs to be more progress today. I think I am running out of days.

Today we go to the library to return books and check out some new ones for school. You know, we did Five in a Row when Little Bit was in Kindergarten and I didn't want to stop this year. But, with all the other subjects, it's kind of hard to fit it in. So, every 3rd week we do either a theme or a FIAR book. Only I am smart and I can apply the FIAR formula to other books. I'm thinking about doing The Mitten in January but I don't know what theme I want to do. I suppose we'll do birds? I've been sort of using our theme weeks to do art projects and fun things that go with our science book. Hmm. I'll have to think on it. I haven't even started my school planning.

And I won't share pictures of our homeschool room right now, but let's just say the Christmas break phenomena continues to happen in that room. It's amazing actually. We are over-achievers in the area of mess making.

SO...after I FIND the table in the homeschool room and clear a path from the door to my chair, I will get ready for school.

That's not to mention all the things that need to happen in the kitchen. And with our finances. And just in general around here. The problem is, so very little of this is anything that can be delegated. Humph.

And this, this busy week of all this to do, is my last week of being 39. Do any of you remember how I started off 39 with a bang last year? Yeah. I'm hoping for a much smoother transition to 40. Much smoother.


  1. same boat minus turning 39! Oh and no Christmas stuff put away.... my boxes were out in the rain (good excuse)

    this morning we are up, chore charts are reposted! I am STILL working on lesson plans- decided I needed a WHOLE new lesson planning sheet, you will find out why later.. it is STUPID but hey whatever!

    We are going to MOVE and groove this house into shape this morning, well morning is almost over, but TODAY!

    R Yall Dave Ramsey people or just getting REAL with finances people?

  2. I have been to FPU but Steve was youth minister at the time and unable to attend. So...we partially use the system. :)

    Can't wait to find out why you needed a new sheet. :) OCD much?

  3. You know, when I thought about the fact that I'll be 40 in 2011, it occurred to me that you would be 40 next month.

    We should have an virtual birthday party or something, complete with Mr. Linky and stuff. Email me your exact birthdate if you have time.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)