Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seventeen Years of Sleep

We have a queen size bed. That should be plenty of space for two people.

And it would be, if we slept like this:

But we don't. We both like to sleep kind half on our stomach and half on our side with one leg hiked up.
Which works fine when we face opposite sides:
But not so well when we face each other.
The strategy is to be the first one to face the inside of the bed. Then you can get your leg hiked up first and the other person will have to adjust. Kind of like the armrest at the movies.

It's better than when we were newlyweds. We bought a double sized mattress for $99 from a little furniture store. A "double" mattress is slightly bigger than a twin. Even though we were thin back then, this is what sleeping was like:
No kidding we had to turn in unison.
I dream of one day having a king sized bed. This is what I think it will be like:

But this is probably more accurate:

Oh well. I'm not complaining. This is how S thinks we sleep:

But he doesn't have any proof.


  1. Two Words.

    California. King.

  2. aweome! Same story, here... I want proof, too:)

  3. Hilarious!! Love the artwork. :-D We switched to a king sized about 6 years ago and it is SOOOO spacious. DH is a cuddler, so he doesn't like it as much - I'm an "I need my space" sleeper so I love it! Its hard to tell anyone else is even in bed sometimes. I sprawl everywhere! And there's room for body pillows - bliss!

  4. Oh Q, to fit a California King into our bedroom would require we knock out a wall or something! That, or just stand in the doorway and dive in. There wouldn't be any room for dressers either. :)

  5. The pictures are fantastic! They really tell the story - and it's a story that could be told in my own bedroom. We got a king and have never looked back. We had a teeny-tiny bedroom (10x11 or something), and it fit just fine - even with nightstands.

  6. HI.larious! Oh, we've had the bigger bed discussion. And tax return before last Matt built us a waterbed frame. Unreal the sturdiness of this thing. It was built in the bedroom and will be sawed into parts to be removed. And then he proceeded to order the actual water bed parts from and a memory foam for the top. King size is marvelous! (Though, I would rather have a regular bed. Shhh.. don't tell him, he did it as a surprise for me) And yes, you're right, we still don't have enough room when 1-4 extra people are in the bed with us. I would prefer the Shaq mega bed that fills the entire bedroom. We talk frequently of a room made of nothing but a huge mattress. Yes, it's what our dreams are made of!

  7. so cute! we have a king size and one kid ends up in bed with us most nights. he likes to cuddle. i don't.

  8. Thank you for the laugh! I love the artwork!

  9. What a funny post. Thanks for the laughs. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  10. What a fuuny post, Brenda!

    We have a king-sized bed. You "accurate" illustration is very good. There are often two little ones in the bed with us.

    On my more diligent parenting nights, I deposit them back into their own beds. On my lazy parenting nights, they stay and we get less sleep dodging feet, lol.

  11. you're a dork!

  12. Loved it!!!! Everything is better with visuals.
    Everything is pretty much the same here except that I would need to swap him/her in the last picture. I'm the one hanging on to the nightstand and he's the one under 20 layers of blanket. Oh, and we had 6 kids not two. I agree that our King size bed was the best decision we ever made.

  13. this is HILARIOUS!!!! loved it.
    and i L-O-V-E our king size bed. can't even imagine life without it.
    because that picture of you sleeping is the exact way i sleep :) haha..still laughing!

  14. We slept in a "full" size bed until this past fall -- through nine years of marriage. Now we have a king (which we bought used for $100 -- not ideal, but it'll do until we can save for a new one), and our old bed is in the nursery/guest room. I look at it now and cannot fathom how two adults slept in it. Really.

  15. Megan I KNOW!!!! We sleep in a full sized bed at my parent's country home and it's crazy!

  16. We did the king bed thing two years ago because once a week we allow one of our kids to stay up late with us and sleep with us. Queen-sized beds just can't handle the little girls. I thought I wouldn't like the king size. I was TOTALLY wrong. This is the funniest thing I've read in weeks!

  17. That last picture is how my husband says things go in our bed. Like yours, he doesn't have any proof. Since I have been carrying and/or nursing one of his children for most of the past 10+ years, he doesn't complain much.

    We had a double and a twin pushed together before we bought a king 4 years ago. Can you guess which one of us used the double and which used the single? :) Our old bedroom was 10 feet square. There were about 17 inches on three sides of the bed (and none behind the headboard, obviously). No dressers, just two skinny nightstands and a skinny bookcase. It was totally worth it!

    And happy birthday, by the way! I just popped over from Terry's blog to your "Helping My Husband with His Work" blog. Good stuff.

  18. LOVE the drawings! We have always had a double, we talk about getting a queen or a king but lots of other things come first. The first 3 kids were NEVER allowed to sleep with us, I got up and nursed them on the couch and put them back to their bed. The last 3 slept with my husband after I nursed them and I went and found another bed or the couch. Now he works 3-4 nights a week so those days we each get the bed all to ourselves but after 10+ nights in a row of him being home (2 of those were at a hotel in a queen) I'm thinking a queen may come back into the discussions as soon as we get back from Disneyland :)


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