Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just So You Know

We gave the girls fair warning tonight:

There are going to be big changes around here come the new year!


Not going out to eat whenever. It will be rare, OK? We've been kind of lax on that this month.

The budget will be set and abided by. Money will be saved. Funds will be started. Frugal will again be a way of life--EVEN if we don't HAVE to. (Which we mostly do.)

Bibles will be read daily. And studied. And children will be taught at home. Family Bible time will happen one way or another.

Other changes may be made but we can't discuss those with you or them just yet. They aren't exciting or anything. Don't worry--you aren't missing out.

Lately I feel like many things have been brought to our attention. Are they warnings? Is God trying to tell us something? Why do I keep finding out stories about how kids turn out? With results I don't like?

What do we need to do differently in parenting our children? I don't want the same ending!

Between now and then we have to figure some things out.

I have other questions too.


Why did my kid come home from church today singing Three Dog Night?

What am I going to do with any additional Christmas cards now that my coat closet door is full?

How can I swing it where I can stay home some this week? Without sickness or the breaking down of vehicles I mean. Just--not busy stay home?

What are we going to eat this week?

Will you make my menu plan for me?

Will you grocery shop for me too?

Can you help me get that stupid Three Dog Night song out of my head?


  1. Jeremiah was a bull frog . . .

    Sorry, not helping. But I have not literally laughed out loud over something I read in a blog in a long time! :)

    Blessings to you in your endeavor to be purposeful with your new year.

  2. SO glad I could make you laugh Q!!! :)

  3. okay, I dont know what 3 dog night is... but DONT sing it for me! I have the kids christmas musical songs in my head and I go about singing "follow that star" and yes there are hand gestures that I KEEP doing!

    Yes, they are nice hand gestures!

    um tried to help on your meal plan, you didnt want my help. :)

    um put the cards on your mantle. I got two christmas cards.. why do people like you more than me!

    cant help you on staying home OR car trouble... we done both and not done both this month! this week will NOT be too much stay home but more than last week and next week a LOT of stay home! YEAH!

    okay.. the words go Follow that star, follow that star wherever it goes... and repeat.

    or try this

    THis is the song that never ends.. it just goes on and on my friend, somebody started singing it not know what it was and they'll (spell) continue singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends..... repeat

    okay CHANGES! Same here sister girl!

    food changes
    money changes
    routine changes
    school changes
    life changes
    attitude changes
    hopefull appearance changes!

    RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on the bad results... I dont know what to tell you, but I am excited to see your blog topics for the next few weeks! :)

  4. We got a lot of cards b/c we've gone to the same church for 40 years and our youth group hand delivers cards for .30 a card. So people take them up on it. Fine. Three of them my kids made and they are big.

    Your meal plan help was invaluable. Fast Food.
    Thank you.

    And since you posted not one but two annoying song lyrics, you get this:

    Joy to the world.
    All you boys and girls.
    Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea.
    Joy to you and me.

    They had changed the first 2 lines to be about Jesus, I think. Doesn't matter. Annoying. And the rest of the song lyrics to that song are not good. SO glad they learned that yesterday.

    oh the changes.

  5. I am so with you on making changes! I have several that I want to implement come the new year like a lot less sweets.

  6. I see a linkup in our future... implementing change (but not the Obama kind)

    and thanks for the little diddy.

  7. I used to love Three Dog Night back in the 70's. They tell me that in Alaska, among the Native people, a "three-dog night" was a night so cold that you had to take THREE dogs to bed you to stay warm...not just one or two! A very cold night was, therefore, a three-dog night!

  8. Changes for us all the areas you mentioned. I am going to write meaningful, thought-provoking devos for our girls to do with me EVERY DAY before school starts. That is my goal anyway. One verse wonders is what I'm calling them. Now that it's public, I HAVE to do it! Lol


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)