Monday, December 13, 2010

Better Living Through E-Whining

Well, the Christmas party was a success. My outfit was wonderful, right down to the shoes. I'll upload pics later.

My friend Carrie had success at her Target and bought my shoes. She sent them home with a mutual friend who happened to be with her when the shoes were purchased and lives near me. Saturday I drove to the friend's church where she met me in the parking lot. I rolled down my window and got my shoes.

All because I whined on Facebook about wanting them!

That business about a village and a child.....forget it. It takes a village to dress Brenda for a Christmas party!

Today my Mom is keeping the girls so I can knock out some Christmas shopping. I was wondering the other day how my parents used to get our gifts without us knowing and then I realized, oh. We were in school. I feel bad always having to depend on my parents to keep them, but there isn't any other way to get it done! I know they don't mind, but I feel rushed to get home and get them. That's about the only downside to homeschooling. The kids are always with you and it's hard to shop for birthdays and Christmas.

So I'm mapping out my strategy because I need to make BIG progress today. Other people's gifts can be bought with the girls in tow, but theirs need to be taken care of today! I have two weeks and basically nothing purchased or made for anyone. Nice, huh?

Last night on Facebook I was whining about my allergies and it turned into a conversation about something we wanted to buy the girls. I got LOTS of help from a few friends and today I know what I'm looking for.

Better living through e-whining. I highly recommend it.


  1. I love your e-whining!

    Good shopping today! My mom is keeping mine friday.. I concur that it is a downside! I do some online but ya cant get everything online and its not as much fun! Well you CAN get everything online but I choose not to.

    But Dave's work party is Friday night so my kids are gone to the grand parents for an over nighter! THAT hasnt happened for MONTHS! whoo hoo!

    Of course we have to get up extra early to run on down there and pick them up to be back at the church by 9:00 for choir practice but it's worth it right??? RIGHT???

    So on Friday, I am going to most likely take MYSELF out to lunch, BY MYSELF! WHOO HOO. To being alone for a couple of hours. Will I still know how to behave? Will I yell at other peoples kids? Will I tell the man in line behind me to stop irratating the person behind him? Will I PUT EXTRA STUFF IN THE CART by myself??? STAY tuned.....

  2. HA!!! PLEASE don't yell at the other children!!! :) I will probably be seen talking to myself today.

  3. We were super blessed this year, because my wonderful nephew babysat the kids for us one evening so we could go Christmas shopping together. It was so much fun!
    And guess who is getting a much nicer present this year than usual? lol


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)