Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not to Be Confused With the 1500s

I've tried to come to you earlier, my friends. However, my computer + attempting to upload pictures has equaled frustration lately. I'm back now to try again.

We had our fall costume party on Saturday. The skirts were finished just in the nick of time.

We had a lot of fun activities for the girls, along with Gnat and Moose, my nieces:

First, we looked at pictures of people in the 50s. Some nice ladies at church had loaned us some pictures of themselves in the 50s. It was neat seeing people we actually know and how they used to dress and wear their hair. Then we played with 50s toys like hula hoops, Slinky, Barbie, Legos, and Mr. Potato Head. We showed them some old commercials on You Tube for these toys.

We built Mr. Potato Heads with vintage parts (used to be my oldest sister's)
and real potatoes. Just like children in the 1950s had to.

Paint-by-number was popular beginning in 1950.
Each girl got to do one.

We taught them the bunny hop. It was hilarious.
See the girl in the orange? She's the youngest.
There's a reason her nickname is Moose, people.

Learning the Hand Jive. My mom, oldest sister, and other sister
are laughing along with them.

There is a 50s style Denny's near our house. We
went there for lunch.

It was a good day.

Before this day, the girls didn't have much knowledge about the 1950s. Now, they do. If only I can get Sweetheart to stop referring to it as "the 1500s"....we'll be OK.


  1. I love IT!!!I couldn't imagine what you would do.Going to the diner was a great idea.OH and those skirts are great.You should sell your ideas.LucyT

  2. LucyT---that'll be $29.95 plus tax! :) HAHAHA!!!

  3. care to barter?LucyT

  4. oh, that was me! Sorry! Kathy


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