Monday, November 22, 2010

The Week of No

I keep a calendar of the current month on our fridge. I looked over it this morning when I got up and I liked what I saw!

No piano lesson.
No small group on Wednesday night.
No karate class.
No school (later in the week).
No work for S (later in the week).

Ah, I like an empty calendar every now and then! Not that I have nothing to do...but nowhere to BE. That's enough for me.

Actually, we had the youth group over Saturday night for about 15 minutes. They were having a progressive dinner and we were hosting the salad portion of that evening. It took a lot of work getting the house clean and the groceries purchased and the food prepared and the kitchen set up for self-service and everything just so.

And 21 of them descended into our little house like a swarm of locusts and in 15 minutes they were gone. We weren't sure what had happened when they left. I've never seen anything like it. But the happy result is our house is clean.

We do have 3 days of school planned but that's OK since we JUST had a week off recently, right? :) Actually we don't have all the subjects planned for this week to make room for some Thanksgiving activities. School should be a breeze this week. 

You might be glad to know the girls now have curtains in their room. Well, they will be hung up hopefully today. All it took was Little Bit, whose loft is by the window, to tell me she's been cold at night because of the window. She and I drove straight to Big Lots, chose plain white tab top curtain panels, and I sewed ribbon on them to fancy them up. Someone gave me a bunch of ribbon last week. There wasn't enough of any one kind so we just used 4 different kinds. There. No more sheet. And no more cold.

Looking forward to spending lots of time relaxing with my family this week!
Now I must go print pictures of Henry VIII's wives for History. Here's hoping you have an easy week with lots of "no's" on your calendar and lots of time for family.


  1. We are having a "no" week too and I could not be happier! I just came across your blog last week. I appreciate the encouraging posts. Thank you.

  2. YES this is the week of NO here also... we are schooling two days but we leave for Little Rock VERY early on Wed so after that we are free...

    Have an awesome week of NO and a Blessed Thanksgiving with your awesome family...

  3. Amen sister...
    no campfire, no french lessons, no soccer practice, no ballet, & no library trips....yay!
    Time for yes to board games, family movies, and fun fall craft projects! I love our homeschooling flexibility. =)

  4. I have a similar week. I mean we are traveling but it will be fun.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)