Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Best

S and I decided to not go out of town for Thanksgiving. We had our first-ever just us family Thanksgiving. It was so nice!! I cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal and I felt no stress. I usually wig out when we have something big like that but no one was coming was just us. No problem. The next day we got our Christmas decorations out and I let the girls decide where most of it went. I was so laid back!

It was just the nicest weekend ever. S was home the whole time and we just had a nice time being home and not running everywhere.

I'm sort of stunned I have to get up in the morning and make a lunch and teach school and do housework type things. 

But, it's only for 2 weeks and then we get another break. I know I should be terribly concerned about Christmas presents but we don't really have the money to shop right now, so why worry? The girls both want dollhouse furniture this year, which does not excite me to purchase, but it's what they want. Other people? I have no idea.

Hey, it's still November, OK? Lay off.

Oh! I did accomplish one important thing this weekend, but sharing that with you requires me to put down the laptop, walk across the room and turn on the other computer, find the camera and cord, upload the pictures I took this weekend, edit them really quickly if needed, and insert them in this blog post.

I think we can all see why THAT'S not going to happen!

But I'll share them with you in the morning. How's that?

Also, in case you aren't full enough of trivia from my so-called life, I typed up our December calendar and it's really full. Already. I am frowning about that, by the way. THREE different times in the next week or so I am signed up to bring stupid food to a stupid event at church. I am way over signing up for things. I am way over cooking food for things.

And, while I've got you all here and I'm on a complaining roll, S and I both have to purchase something suitable to wear to his work Christmas party. This is never a fun thing for me. I always think I'll just run into Dress Barn and walk out victorious.

Incidentally, I have a story about that. I'll share that in the morning too.

See? Now doesn't waking up tomorrow seem a whole lot brighter with all that to look forward to?


  1. Hey this reminds me of a joke about a monk... :)

    No really, I am glad you had a laid, back relaxing holiday... that is worth a lot!

    our calander is full too but I looked at it again after you mentioned a full calander it is a VERY high percentage of things I WANT TO DO... isnt that nice.

    We are back to school tommorow too! I have a FULL day planned! Gotta get this train back on track!!!

    We have no money for gifts either so any shoppign I am doing is happening after the 15th.. I might be able to SQUEEZE in a little out of the 1st paycheck but since extra always comes up in December I hate to "USE" my extra for gifts without knowing!

    SO yeah!

  2. We haven't been able to spend any money for Christmas gifts yet either.I am happy that your Thanksgiving was a good one.LucyT


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)