Sunday, November 14, 2010

From Where I Sit

The books are straightened. The pencils are found and sharpened. The crayons are picked up from the floor. The rug is vacuumed. The white board has been cleaned. The lessons have been planned.

The order has been restored.

We also changed seats in our homeschool room. I didn't want to rearrange, but changing seats is a nice...change. Now, I will be sitting across from Sweetheart and still beside Little Bit. That SHOULD work as Sweetheart is in 5th grade, but we'll see.

I made a word wall also and it's lovely. Now Little Bit can find her sight words better and hopefully learn them easier. And in my new seat, I can utilize my awesome organizational thingy that Sister gave me over the summer to keep my teacher's books in. Heavenly. Perhaps I won't constantly have a stack a mile tall under my elbow?

See my cool see-through organizational thingy?
Anyway, we only have 1 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving break. I think I can do that.

On another note, Little Bit celebrated her 7th birthday this weekend. I cannot believe my baby is 7! I haven't even uploaded the pictures yet as I need batteries for the camera. I was stealing batteries from remotes during the party so I would have enough battery juice to make it through the party. Anyone been there?

This year was MUCH better as last year for her birthday she got the flu. And this was the first "friend party" Little Bit has ever had. I couldnt' sleep Saturday night for thinking back over the day and being so happy about how it all went. It was a good, good day.

But her tics! Oh dear. They have been really, really bad today. She pretty much spent the better part of the afternoon complaining about them.

"I'm frust-er-ated."
"I hate my tics."
"Make them go away!"
"I have tics right now, but I'm not doing them."

That last one, I think, is her attempt to control the Tourette's. I don't really think self-control will make all the difference, but she seems determined to beat them. Anyway, it's been a frustrating day on that point. It's very trying for her sister as well, who tries to be patient while she is patted on the head, or her head, nose, and lips are touched in order, or her wrist gets squeezed. Tics ON someone else are harder to deal with. How much do I ask Sweetheart to endure? And yet? She needs to be patient about it because Little Bit really can't help it.

Tomorrow is a clean, shiny new day. I'm hoping everything will be in better order then.


  1. We celebrated two birthdays this weekend my oldest now 15 and my youngest now 2 and if anything drives home how fast the years pass having these two share a birthday does.
    I am sorry to hear about little bit's ticks. I will keep her and the rest of you in my prayers.LucyT

  2. My lil guy w/ aspergers has tics also. Usually it is stimuli related- too noisy, too hectic, too exciting- those type of things bring it on most. God bless older children whom endure w/ certainly is an interesting journey at times =)
    Love the classroom pic...

  3. Do you have a problem with Sweetheart watching Little bit as she works at the table? Mine does! She constantly watches her brother and doesn't do her own work, he gets done and she is still at the table complaining that he got done quicker than she! I may have to separate those two! : )
    Glad she had a great party! Sorry we missed it

  4. Brenda I do know Little Bit doesn't have ticks I just can't spell.SORRY,blush.


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