Friday, November 19, 2010

Bug Day

Today we met up with some friends for some science activities. We are both using the book "Flying Creatures of the 5th Day" from Apologia Elementary Science this year. We've been studying butterflies for several weeks now and going we so we wanted to wrap things up with some fun. It's so nice having another family to do things with!

*Huh? Did you just read that sentence up there? This is what happens when you start a post in the morning BEFORE the event happens and then the pictures won't upload in time so you save it and go to your event and when you get home you have to change everything to past tense cause you already did the event, of course. Just wanted to explain that but the sentence is so bad it's funny so I'm leaving it. Back to the post...

Several weeks ago we took an Insect class at the museum together. Several other families from our homeschool group joined us.

The class getting ready to make a butterfly craft.
And no, the instructor did not give directions to put the
coffee filter on your head. Hmm....

Some sweet little volunteers gave us another lesson and a tour.
These glasses made things look like insects see them.
Little Bit with a different pair on.
 Today we made moths becuase all the butterfly craft projects were starting to look the same. No one ever makes the poor moth. After we were finished, the girls all agreed that even though moths are "drab", they are still beautiful.

Of course, being homeschool moms, we peppered them the whole time with questions.
"What's it called when the pattern is the same on both sides?"
"Every one's moths look different. What do we call that? It starts with a "u"."
"Do you remember why moths are drab colors?"

I mean, this was school today!

Then we made insect snacks.
Laughing with us about how she made the legs and feet on her butterfly.

See who is choosing the absolute smallest vegetables she can?
After all our fun at the table, we watched a "Magic School Bus" movie about insects from the library.

Fun Friday school is the best!

And now we will be moving on to studying birds. If you'll excuse me, I think the girls are shutting each other in the closet and I think I should go investigate that.

What do we call it when children are bored and need more chores???

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