Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eating at the Table Just Turned Into Luxury

Once the Christmas crafting begins around here, our table is covered in mess for the better part of a month. Even when I manage to clean it off before supper, it just goes into the corner of the dining room floor. FESTIVE!

I've been working on quilts for the girls' beds for months now. Well, for several days out of the last few months anyway. I'm still cutting the fabric. Once I get that done it will go quickly, but the cutting part is getting really, really old. I am over it. And there is MUCH fabric left.

I like to give handmade gifts so I have been scouring the internet this week looking for ideas. I have found a few good ones and even some that Sweetheart can help with. Last year the girls made sachets for every lady in the family. I haven't found something that both the girls can be involved with yet. Still looking.

To top it off, we are considering not going to see my family for Thanksgiving, but instead celebrating here at our home. That would be a first! We've never done Thanksgiving with just our little family except the first year we were married and I flew out to California to meet S and stay in the Navy Lodge. I loved that Thanksgiving. But that introduces more crafts and things that need to be done for Thanksgiving!!

I'm thinking I might need to dust off the TV trays.

OOOH! I just had a better idea!! We have this small folding table we bought for camping. I can set that up in the dining room and stack stuff there and we can eat on our table. Of course I'll move that for Thanksgiving. That would not be lovely.


  1. We made bath salts for a VBS craft once. That turned out very nicely. Also a friend recently made me a hanging magnetic board with a cookie sheet, ribbon, scrapbook paper and small magnets. Sort of like this:

  2. I did't know your husband had been in the Navy.Mine was inlisted when I met him he only did 4 years.Our first Thanksgiving we spent together was in a little apartment off base we sat on pillows with an upside down box as a table.We through a table cloth over it and used our wedding china.It was fun.I am sure the memory now 23 years later is probably sweeter than the day actually played out.It was just the two of us at the time.We have always held Thanksgiving at our home somtimes their have been over 40 family members come but the last few years it has just been my husband myself and our 5 children. I think we bore the rest of our family none of them have young kids or even teenage children anymore.We are kinda set in our traditions and have great times together.I miss having a lot of people over though.When I was growing up I had 3 cousins my same age and we always spent all holidays together we even piled in the same bed for years on Christmas eve.Those where great times.What ever I do I just try to remember we are making memories.LucyT

  3. Oh Kristie! Someone just gave me a whole bunch of ribbon. I LOVE that craft! Thanks for the link!!!

    LucyT, S was in the Navy for 4 years. He got out 6 months early b/c his ship was decommisioned. So he was in for 6 months AFTER we were married. I have really good memories of that first Thanksgiving. :)


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