Monday, September 20, 2010


I had to get on here to read the last post and see what it was I said I was going to do this week. Ha! It was a good list.

But....what I'm actually doing is cleaning "the master bedroom." Our house if over 40 years old and, even though there is a bathroom attached, our bedroom is not really much bigger than the other bedrooms. A little, but not much. I guess it actually is a master bedroom, but not anywhere near a master suite.

What it actually is, is dusty. And cluttered. And messy. And covered in laundry.


So of course I can't just get in there and clean it. NATURALLY, there had to be rearranging take place. Because that's so much easier and less time-consuming than just cleaning.

On a good note, I am employing The House That Cleans Itself lessons to my bedroom. I have placed a laundry basket behind the bathroom door where I can put my husband's mowing clothes. It's easier if they are separated from his regular clothes and he doesn't have to dig through his dresser to find them. Score one.

Also, we have a small shelf that sits right inside our bedroom door. I am using this as the new launch pad. You may remember that I had put a small white shelf by our entryway to use as a launch pad?

Well, the reality was that is was always full of stuff and it really looked awful. It's what you see when you are sitting on the couch. So we're moving the launch pad to our bedroom, where that kind of stuff actually belongs. We'll see how that goes. If we had a mudroom it would be nice, but they don't have mudrooms where we live.

Also, and I know this is really awful, I may have a permanent place to set the ironing board up. Do you put your ironing board away every time? Really? I don't. It ends up set up wherever we used it and I would love to be able to leave it up. My mom left her ironing board up for 25 years. I didn't even know you were supposed to put them away. What do you do with yours and also, where do you iron?

Because I actually don't know what other people do with their ironing.


  1. I heard a talk once given by Bev Bradley who was talking about each room in the house having a purpose. When she got to the master bedroom she said, "Put the ironing board out on the front porch . . . wherever, just get it out of your bedroom." That struck me hard, so I did it. (Well, not the porch, but moved it!)

    Yes, in our house the ironing board gets put away. I do our laundry (for Mr Perfect and I) and let the ironing pile up for two weeks. Then I plug in a great movie or load up a sermon or something to listen to, and iron away. Usually in the family room. I don't iron onesey twosey because it's more efficient to do it all in one go.

  2. I sew a lot, so my ironing board never gets put away! We recently moved, so I haven't found a good spot for it's in my living room right now. Both my mom and grandma have always left theirs up all the time, too! :-)

  3. my moms was up a lot and yes I didnt know you put them away either when I was young, my grandmas was always up but she had a back room so you didnt see it NOT that her stuff would be piled up anyway. She was the meet you with a martini at the door in high heels stepford wive. NOT really but things were done.

    Me, myself well truthfully I rarely iron. I did all the kids clothes when they were little but now that they are bigger it is only a rarity. I probably should iron, I got rid of one iron board adn now use the table with a towel on it if I need to.
    I also waste money and dryclean! Yes, sadly I do.

    But I am working on that and supposing I get a new iron board I would not leave it up.

    Can you clean without rearranging?

  4. When my husband had a job where he wore a tie, I kept the ironing board hung on the inside of my closet door in the bedroom and get it out when I needed it. We've moved since then and he has another job (no tie). I don't even think I have an ironing board anymore. If something needs ironing like for church, I just lay it out on the table :/ . Usually I try and just hang it right away to prevent wrinkles.

  5. I never iron. That's how I handle it. Even when my husband wore a shirt and tie to work every day, I just made sure I got his stuff out of the dryer immediately, shook it out and hung it up. No ironing required!

  6. We have a cool rack you can screw into the wall (or the back of a real wood door) that holds the iron and ironing board together. (Picture a place for the iron the sit vertically above the ironing board, which is also vertical.) We whip it out when necessary, and then it goes right back home. Our place here in the States is tiny, so no leaving it out around here!

  7. Brenda,

    I wanted to let you know that I read a older post of yours called Random Ministry. It was just what I needed. I mean just what I needed. I loved the idea of the crockpot.

    Thanks for sharing even if it was years ago.

  8. Once upon a time, I had a 2 bdr house that I complained about, but it had the biggest laundry room...that I have since missed so much! Some days I think I would put all 5 of my kids in 1 bdr just to have that laundy room back! haha I kept it set up in there all the time then, I also thought that was just a permanent piece of furniture b/c that was how it was with my mom and grandma. Now, I put it away, and I tell you that I think I may pull it out 5 times a year total. I pull my clothes out straight from the dryer....(even if that means turning it back on 4 times before I get the clothes out) and that is as good as they get.

  9. I leave it up in our family closet,but still aviod using it.LucyT

  10. What is this "ironing" you speak of? Oh wait...I do have an ironing board...that we used as a baby barrier by laying it on its side. Where it stayed for...oh...two years. That's how often I iron.

    All (sort-of-)joking aside, I really do need to start ironing since my husband has a "real" job now and the rumpled-grad-student look doesn't really cut it anymore. I think I'll get a board I can hang on the wall in our laundry room. Because you are absolutely right that it will be easier to use if it is very easily accessible.

  11. Me: "We need an iron for this craft"
    Jacob: "What's an iron?"

    That about says it all.


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