Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoe Storage...and a Solution!

This won't work for me....having girls and all, but it IS a totally awesome idea!

Check out Erin's Solving the Shoe Dilemma.

Now, I just need an idea that will work for girls. We have shoes under the kitchen table (2 pair), sometimes we have the one shoe in the bathroom/one shoe in the front hallway mystery Erin was talking about. Most of the time, they can find one shoe where it goes and the mate is a mystery. Really? How did you manage to put one shoe  in it's proper place and then....what? You got bored? Distracted?

Anyway, I love it when someone figures out something that works!


  1. Hi.larious. Do you remember when I did the post on the Old Mill trip when I was gigantic pregnant? Here: and here:

    Note in the first link there's only one pic of the middlest's feet. He's wearing women's rose colored flip flops. We drove 40 minutes to church only to discover that child had forgotten to wear shoes. We stopped at Walgreen's and bought the fanciest pair of $1 shoes we could find. Not sweet, but effective, and definitely funny! I now check every time we leave the house that I have every child buckled in. And that they have shoes. Seriously. I call them by name and expect instead of "here" to get "shoes".

  2. I have gone to town with shoeless kids sadly more than ones.I loved the pink flip flop idea.Most the time I have to hunt for my shoes.So I have no advice.Maybe shoes should come with built in pagers.I just took my 21 month old to a family reunion with two of the same kind of shoes on but they where diffrent colors one blue one orange.It happens to be our school colors so most thought I did it on purpose.


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