Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Was Going to Be My Productive Day

I haven't felt all that productive lately. Busy, yes. But not productive. There is a difference. Then last night at 2:30am (OK I guess technically that's this morning) the neighbor's yippy dog started barking. It was a high, shrill, rhythmic, repetitive bark. For well over 2 1/2 hours. Between us both, we went outside 3 times and banged on the fence which made all the dogs (3 or 4 of them) go ballistic. I'm guessing the neighbors were not home. If they were I will have ugly thoughts.

It was really just the most frustrating thing. At one point I asked S, "If we were not Christians, what would we do about this?" I was just wondering is all. He quickly and without hesitation fired off about 5 ideas that were anything but non-violent and most of which would end up with him in jail. Kind of frightened me. I had only been dreaming of wrapping a zip tie around the little bugger's mouth. Hey, this was 2 hours in so I'm not blaming anyone. We were both feeling a little violent at that point.

But we are Christians so we did not do any of those things.

Our girls are outside playing right by that neighbor's fence right now and I am not telling them to be quiet because it is early. Passive much? Have fun girls!!!

What I was GOING to tell you was I am getting rid of stuff today. Or I was going to back when I had intentions of sleeping through the night. Nester had a post about stuff the other day and I got interested and followed every single link and oh my word:

1. I want to stop shopping for anything right this very second.
2. I want to get rid of 1/2 of our belongings.
3. There just happens to be a garage sale at our church this weekend.

Sounds perfect if not a little drastic. I probably won't get rid of as much as I need to, but I was thinking about decluttering while I wasn't sleeping last night. (Along with zip ties)

I think of the stuff in our house like this:

Our book club is going to read Gulliver's Travels next month. WHY did they have to make a children's movie with objectionable content? Clean it up Hollywood!! (Can't find the review Carrie sent me...Carrie? Link?)

OK I may not be physically tied down with stuff (although that is a phrase we use, interesting) but I feel that way. I don't feel free to just run out the door and do something fun because all this stuff needs to be moved, cleaned, put away, organized, or attended to in some way.

Look, I'm not quite ready to live in a Tumbleweed House, but it's looking pretty free right about now, OK?

Hey! Maybe my sleep-deprived state will actually assist me in throwing stuff out without a second thought?
Hello. This is me with 2 hours of sleep. I am going to make drastic decisions about our belongings today!


  1. Oh, bless you heart, I feel for you being sleep deprived! You have some great goals and I wish you luck in accomplishing them. And a hearty Amen to the comment about why do they have to put objectionable content into children's movies. For example, yesterday we were give "Antz" and I was watching it with my 3 year old. Half way through I had already heard 2 curse words, the final straw being some other objectionable language that I won't even mention here! Needless to say the movie found a new home.....the trash. : ) Have a good day!

  2. well I am not sleep deprived but I have a HORRID headache. We should NOT read the same blogs because I want to sell all my belongings and move into an RV! I can bring you down off the ledge this morning because I am purging myself! I am sitting here looking at a book shelf in my room and thinking I have not touched ONE item of that shelf except to dust it for months. Seriouly! Maybe the DVD cases but really we hardly EVER watch our own dvds because of HELLO NETFLIX.

    I put away clothes in our drawers yesterday and was like seriously we dont even SLEEP that much!

    So tired of STUFF.

    SO I am joining you on the PURGE. I can bag my stuff and bring it to you on Friday for the garage sale if you want--- I am dumping it at the Salvation Army!

    sorry about the dogs... that is why I believe all yapping dogs should be put to .... I will let YOU finish that sentence.

  3. Barking Dogs??? I'm telling you, they were saying, "Mr Family Revised, please poison us and put us out of your misery."

    Hope the purging goes well and that there is a crazy huge amount of sleep for you on the other side of it!

  4. I have been begging my husband and kids to let me sell everything and live in an RV.I think they would be o.k. with me moving to the RV but they are going nowhere.
    I am so sorry about that dog.We live in the country on ten acres no supper close neighbors but sometimes the coyotes keep me up at night.
    Is it legal to live in an RV with 5 kids?

  5. OOPS!! That would be super not supper?LucyT

  6. I have some family members that could make it look like the sweet little doggie had an accident. I'm just sayin', they would never know : )

    And don't worry, you'll catch up on your sleep at about 3 this afternoon when your body has had enough! : )

    I am not the kind of girl to live in an RV so I'll just keep de-cluttering : )

  7. Lucy, there are SEVERAL blogs written by moms who homeschool and live in RVs! Big families even! It sounds so neat. For a while anyway. :)

  8. I don't know Lucy, if it's legal to live in an RV with five kids. Big Brother may be watching, though, so I wouldn't risk it.

    You know Brenda, I've been feeling sleep deprived myself, but I haven't had to get by on two hours of sleep-ever- without a newborn in the house!

    My sleep deprivation (brought on by living on 5-6 hours of sleep, is due to the high school schedule down here. High schoolers have to be there at seven-ish. The girls get up at 5:30. How insane is that?

    Anyway, they usually have enough homework to keep them up until 10 or 11 and I simply cannot sleep when there is activity going on in the house. When they come in after school, they always take a nap before they do anything else. With the littles underfoot, I cannot enjoy such a luxury.

    If we had dogs barking in our ears, it would be too much for me to handle. Bless you and "S" for not confronting the neighbors.

    Happy decluttering! It seems everytime I attempt to declutter, something rises from the mystrious depths to take over the space I just cleared. I keep trying though!

  9. Brenda,I just got back from family camp.We go every year and camp in a pop up.I just love how we get by in such a small place with only the neccesities.I don't know where we would keep our school stuff though or our 6 inch gold fish.
    I hope you get some better sleep tonight.


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