Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Goin' In....

...and I may not make it out alive.

You know this big "room re-do" for the girls? Yeah. Well. They still have a sheet on the window and mismatched covers on their beds. But they have really enjoyed their lofts. I thought I'd share a few pictures of how they looked a couple of weeks ago.

Under Little Bit's Loft on a good day.
Under Sweetheart's loft on a REALLY good day.
I really don't care how they decorate under their lofts as long as they ask permission before driving nails, you know? Sweetheart has changed her mind many times already. She's had several themes going on and keeps  changing her mind. Currently it's decorated in "shove it under the loft and forget it."

Most of the time I keep sheets hanging over their lofts like curtains. It gives them some privacy and also allows me to not instantly see the mess when I walk in. Win-Win.

I'm standing at the door of their room. This is the sheet over Sweetheart's loft, their crates of shoes, their mirrors, and Little Bit's dresser. And the sheet-curtain.

Now I'm standing by those crates of shoes and you can see Little Bit's loft covered by the sheet, the front door (that's the homeschool room there) and Sweetheart's dresser.

Then school started and all my friends with public school children were posting things on Facebook like, "Whew! Finally got that playroom clean!" or "There! Now the children's rooms are clean. Let's see how long they stay that way." And it hit me: I need to get rid of the children!

Honestly, if they were at school I would go in their room and clean it. Of course I would. What happens in reality is that I go in their room, shriek for them to get their behinds in there and make them do things they should have done in the first place. But I think every now and then it just needs to be mom's turn, you know?

So tomorrow afternoon, my parents are going to rescue the children keep the girls while I clean. The girls are excited about having a clean room. I know it just gets overwhelming for them. They just have too much stuff in there.

No more.

Should I tie a rope to my ankle you think?


  1. Yes. AND sew bells to the hem of your garments. If the bells stop, someone needs to drag you out!! Have fun...I'll be planning our school year (as I finally have a moment to breathe) and my kids will be home. So, I don't have high hopes for getting much done, lol. YOU GO GIRL!!

  2. Ha Julie MOM I was gonna say that! That is so funny- I am going it!

    I need to "go into" my girls room too, I need to cull out stuffed animals! They are overflowing. I really, really DO not know where they all come from. IT is not like I buy her a new stuffed animal all the time! They just appear!

    Well may the force be with you...

  3. Leave a trail of bread crumbs, too. :)

    And I'm with Carrie. What's with all the stuffed animals?! I am sure they multiply while we aren't looking. :)

  4. They do. Just like the feeding after dark...don't get them wet...DON'T leave them unattended together in a laundry basket in a closet...things happen that I don't want to know about. lol!


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