Sunday, September 12, 2010

Valuing God's Word

Last year our small group at church decided to gather up some money, purchase some Bibles, and give them out to children who visited our church. Oh and also to any member's children who didn't have a Bible--just in case there were any.

So we bought the Bibles. Twenty "real" Bibles and ten picture Bibles for the very young. Then, we set about figuring out how to best distribute them and to whom.

We found out a little girl in our new small group didn't have a Bible. Well, she had a picture Bible but she did not have a real Bible of her own. So this morning I happily presented her with her own Bible. She just beamed. Oh she was so proud!! Her family is going through hard times right now and it felt good to be able to provide this need for them.

Little Bit moved up last Sunday to the 1st and 2nd grade class. Those kids are learning to read/are readers so they need real Bibles now. I had to get one from our shelf for Little Bit last week. Time to stop carrying the picture Bible.

So, I decided to go into her class and ask if there were any other children who needed their own Bible. No fewer than 7 hands went up. There were 11 kids in the room. Oh dear.

I was so upset by this. Mostly, these children's families are new-ish to our church or new-ish to church at all. I suppose it's not unheard of that no one has thought to buy them a Bible yet. It's shocking to me...but I'm sure it's very common. Some of them are not new at all. That was the most concerning of all.

I'm happy to say that next week ALL the children in that class will have their own Bible. But I wondered today why those parents had not gotten a Bible for their children yet. I wonder every week why so many adults do not carry a Bible to church.

Do we value God's word? Do we know what Christians in other countries would do to get their hands on one page of scripture? Most of the students S has in World Bible school do not have their own Bible. (The lessons have all the scripture included so they can complete the lessons without a Bible.) In fact, we've mailed a Bible to one of our students in Africa. Good grief, they can be had from Wal-Mart for $5.

But the scriptures are on the screen at church or printed in the program. You don't really have to carry one to church. You can get by without it. Besides, if someone doesn't have a Bible with them we have them in the seats and extras in the classrooms. That way you don't have to lug it around, right?

So what about Monday through Saturday? How many folks leave their Bible in their car all week? I've been guilty, I'll admit it. Are we encouraging the study of God's word? The reading of God's word?

Do we realize that it is alive? That it changes lives? That God has preserved it for over 2,000 years? That we are honored to own a copy in our language free from the fear that we'll be arrested?

Are we reading it? Studying it? Appreciating it? Obeying it? How can you please God unless you know what He wants from you? How can you know unless you read?

How will our children turn out if they do not even OWN a Bible, much less read it, study it, and obey it?

I think statistics have already answered that.

How can we help others around us value God's word?


  1. I read a little artical somewhere about what the world would be like if we treated our bible like our cell phones.It really makes you think what is most important in our lives.

  2. What church puts the Bible verses on a screen or in the bulletin or whatever? I've never been in one that does. I've been in a couple that have had pew Bibles, but our church doesn't even do that. You are expected to bring your Bible with you. Of course, if visitors come and don't have one, they will be given one if they want it. But part of going to church is bringing your Bible with you.

    Our children aren't getting picture Bibles. They'll only be getting real Bibles. Lately we have been learning that the command that forbids us from molding any graven images refers to images of God, and that we should not have images or pictures of God or what we imagine He looks like. That means no picture Bibles with pictures of what they think Jesus looked like, no statues (that one is pretty easy, but we are getting rid of picture Bibles that have pictures of a man's perception of Jesus in them) and things like that.

    God does not want us to have a false image of Him and that's why He doesn't want us having pictures of what we think He looks like. But, I will be writing about that on my blog today if you are interested. And if not, I just gave you an overview lol.

  3. Lucy, I've seen that before. Very convicting.

    Oh Katy-Anne, bless your heart. You've never been to a seeker-friendly church. It's all too common. HOW does your church lay down the expectation that folks will bring their Bibles? I mean, besides not putting the verses on the screen? :)

  4. It's just...expected. Everyone forgets their Bible once in a very rare while, but you wouldn't constantly not bring your Bible because it would be embarrassing if everyone else has their Bible out and you don't have yours. Not that people specifically look around looking for it, but I think after a while it might be noticed.

    If you don't bring your Bible, you share with the person beside you or something to that effect.

  5. Ohh...great post, I've had the same thoughts and feelings lately. Our church puts the verses up on a big screen, but it just doesn't substitute for looking and searching for them yourself. You have to check to make sure the verses are used correctly and in context to the message and without your Bible you won't know that. We have to search out that truth for ourselves and not just rely on our pastors.

    The sad thing too is that if parents aren't seen reading and carrying there Bibles even if kids have one they won't know and understand their need for it.

    And I agree, Bibles are so easy to get and cheap and here we have the luxury of different translations to suit our needs or tools to help us understand it better. Yet we are lazy. I think more churches should teach bible study methods classes and teach people how to study and read it for themselves, maybe if more people knew "how" to read it, it would come more alive for them. I don't know, but great post.

  6. I totally agree. When it's so easy to read it on the screen, then bringing your own starts to feel like "one more thing" to lug to church. We need to bring our Bibles!! Great post.

  7. great post! i so agree with everything. i feel totally lost without my Bible! and i love having it in church with me so i can underline and write things next to verses that speak to me! i love seeing my 9-year-old doing the same with his :)


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