Friday, September 24, 2010

For Their Closets

I'm thinking really hard this year about what staples to get for the girls' wardrobes. I'm working to honor my husband's request to NOT fill their closets with jeans.

Not that I'll be getting these things from these exact sources, but here's what I like for them:

A cardigan sweater

This is important to me because it means they can wear short-sleeved dresses for months longer.

OK--I know these aren't khaki, but corduroy. I kind of mean the color when I say khaki. Dressier than jeans is what I'm looking for. Not stuck on these exact pants.


Again, these can help the girls wear more summery dresses for far longer. And also, it can help with all the way-too-short skirts that you find in stores these days.

On a side note, Sweetheart has this dress from last year:

And she LOVED that dress. Very comfortable and warm.

Isn't this dress cute? Comfortable....cute....warm. Check. Check. Check.

Lastly, they are going to need some good tights. And I just love Mary Janes. But I fear Sweetheart is getting too old for them.

Also, according the "Four Moms", who answered my question today about what to wear with skirts in the fall/winter...we're going to need boots. This is new territory for me. I'm not a fan of this look:

Girls AirwalkRegan Glam Light-Up Boot
It looks odd to me. Boots for little girls are tricky. I want something they can wear to church, but also something they can wear just any day. Hmm.

What are the fall/winter staples for your kids?


  1. White sweaters,black dress shoes,and black tights for my girls.We are not dresses only but I waited a long time for my girls so that is all they wear unless we go to the park and even then sometimes.Khaki colour dockers,brown dress shoes,and levies for my boys.We also get a lot of snow so snow boots and snow suits. LucyT

  2. You could also try the ballet flats with tights, depending on how cold your winters are.

  3. I agree with all of what you have said. I also didn't know about the boots, but when my kids went to ps last year, all the kids wore boots. My girls finally convinced me to get a pair, and they wore them every day. I got them both a pair this year, and even though it isn't what I would prefer for church/dressier occasions, that is what I am going to use b/c I don't want to have to get another pair of shoes for them. I told them this was it, what they would wear all winter long besides their tennis shoes they already own. They are already wearing them all the time now, even with shorts :)

  4. Mof5 I would love to see what boots you bought your girls! Link?

  5. Well, I'm a jeans girl, but let me make a suggestion for you - if cold feet is what concerns you, consider examining the fiber their socks are made of. Wool is considerably warmer than cotton, and might keep them warm even in something besides boots.

  6. Brenda, I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots. My 5 yo daughter has several really cute pair in different colors. They zip up the inside and have a very comfortable sole and they don't look a thing like Ughs. (or however you spell it). She wears them with tights and a skirt or with jeans or pants. They look adorable. I love them for myself too only mine have a bit of a heel and they are more tailored.

    I love that blue dress with the striped sleeves. Which reminds me, I need to go through the winter clothes and see what we're missing. It just seems wrong when it's 95 outside.

  7. for my 2 middle school boys it's T shirts, jeans or athletic pants. They do have a pair of dress shoes pants and a couple dress shirts also, although my youngest needs new in this area. Seems he's outgrown his other dress things. Thankfully our church is semi casual so they can wear nice jeans and a nice pullover shirt.

  8. I can't tell you how much I hate those boots you pictured. Those do not look like year-round footwear. In SA they are usually found on young girls and women who are also wearing extremely short shorts, or mini mini skirts. So maybe I have a skewed perception, but I am not a fan.

    I would, however, love to see a link to other boots for girls as I find them a tricky thing to buy as well.


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