Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Babies

This is Sweetheart.
She is 11. My first baby.

She is a great artist. I LOVE her pictures that she draws.

I am always amazed at how fast her brain works. I think that's why she leaves a mess in her wake. She's just already moved on to the next thing in her mind.

She cries when things touch her deeply. She cries when others get hurt. She's very sympathetic. Even as a baby, she cried along with the other kids at the baby sitter's house. I guess she figured something was wrong and she better cry about it too.

She loves animals, nature, and "adventures." She desperately wants to live in the country. And to be a pioneer.

She is a voracious reader.

She could wear her clothes inside out and upside down and it would not bother her one bit.

She changes her mind 3,000 times a week about what she will be when she grows up.
 Her organizational skills are straight from my genes. (I'm sorry baby.)

This is Little Bit. 

She is 6 1/2. She is my last baby.

She is quieter than her sister. Usually.

She doesn't talk in public very much.

She was a baby for much longer than Sweetheart. And she liked it that way.

She likes to be held, cuddled, and to sleep with us. Pretty much anything that guarantees personal attention.

I am always amazed at the things that come out of her mouth. When she does talk, she means what she says and she can talk very big. And once she has made up her mind about something--that's that.

She loves to play with her sister more than just about anything.

She has an ear-piercing scream. Seriously, when you tickle her, somewhere bats fly out of caves.

She never forgets anything you tell her. Nothing.

Her organizational skills come straight from her father's genes. Thank goodness.

I love them both so much and am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to make up the years I lost with them. Being home with them all day every day, while tiring sometimes, is absolutely delightful. I love my girls so much. 


  1. What beautiful girls you have. Sweetaheart is 11?

    Suddenly it doesn't feel like your kid is that much younger than mine.

  2. What a beautiful post, and beautiful girls! Sweethearts looks JUST like you in the top picture! They're getting so big!!


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