Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Bit More About the House

It worked! It really worked!!!!!
Today was the first day I REALLY cleaned the areas I had already "done" according to the HTCI system I've been using. So here's my report:

The entryway area had stuff that didn't belong on the cabinet. Stuff that had just been laid there. But not stacks and stacks of mail like before. So, I got the trash sack, cleaned it off, polished the wood, swept the floor, cleaned out my purse and church bag and straightened the little white shelf and it took about 10 minutes.

TEN MINUTES! And it's back to gorgeous. And I did everything but mop! I mean, I know it's just an entryway, but this was wonderful.
(that's the original pic there)

Having the trash can right there caused me to not have to walk to throw stuff away (thus getting distracted in the process), and knowing exactly what stuff belongs in that area made it easy to eliminate those things which do NOT belong.

Then I moved on to the living room. This room has really fallen into disarray in the past week. Easter baskets on the fireplace, me sorting through summer/winter clothes, and various stacks of books/Bibles left laying around made a real mess of it.

So I have found a new problem to solve in this room. I originally solved the problems of where to store the printer paper, how to get books back in the library box, and where to set stuff when we walked in the door, but now I see another problem and it's name is my husband.

Just kidding. But he really does have books and Bibles and stuff that get left on the coffee table and that can't be. So I need to make sure the desk in our room is clear at all times so he can stack his stuff there when he's through.

Or, you know, I can do it. Whichever.

I made 20 cents yesterday off the girls but I went a little easy on them. I gave more reminders than I plan to give next week. Thought I'd give them a few days to get used to this before I drain them dry. It really helped though and we didn't even have to do the 4:00 pick-up because they put their things away all day. This will help the living room.

I'm really looking forward to implementing this system all over the house. These first 2 areas have given me such hope! I also saw some pictures posted on the HTCI Facebook group and they encouraged me as well.
I can't WAIT to have this kind of house!!!


  1. You GO Girl! :) Love the charging the children thing. Mine have to pay me $1 to do the job that they forget to do. Those dollars go into the Lazy Children envelope and when that envelope gets fat enough, Mr Perfect and I go out to dinner. Fun!

  2. Ha!! Q- I love that idea!

    I started charging my girls too, and it has made a big difference. Their allowance isn't much to begin with, so to take away R1 every time they slack off makes a huge dent.

    So glad your house is getting in order! (And you KNOW I'm going to advise you to keep a basket for hubby's things nearby. Easier to cart upstairs...)

  3. All this talk about keeping things orderly and charging children and such has got me thinking! We need to revamp some systems here, so I love reading about all this! Thanks, Ladies!

  4. Actually, Julie, I think I have a basket that will work for that. Hmm.

    But just for the record, we have no upstairs and it is only 12 steps from the couch to the desk in our room. :)

  5. Brenda,I am so happy that your new method is working.I really felt for you yesterday.If you remember I ones needed prayer for my house.I still might?!

  6. "Or, you know, I can do it. Whichever." OH MY I'm laughing so hard!! I turned around to read that part to Matt with the explanation that you're a "Helpmeet" wife - to which he said with a grin and a twinkle in his eye "so she's a good wife too?" :) (all of your readers who don't know matt so well will SO not get the hilarity in that, sorry!)

  7. I am doing school today with the kids but I will confess mentally I am rearranging my house! I plan to re take some pictures today becasue I just know some areas are problems but I cant figure out what the problem is so I thought taking pictures would help. I might be able to see the trend over a few days?

    I think it is awesome that you really truly SAW that the program is working! That is awesome!!!

  8. Alright, alright, I'm reserving the book at the library already. Sheesh! First Motivated Moms, now this... you're bound and determined to finally get me decluttering, aren't you? You KNOW how much I hate it.

    I'm so glad to hear its working so well!! :-D

  9. i just started reading your blog today after the joyful chaos linked to you. i'm so interested in the book you linked to. maybe it can help rescue me from my aversion to cleaning. i just subscribed to your blog and noticed you only publish partial feeds. would you consider changing it to full feeds?



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