Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Cause Casual Is How We Roll

OK. First of all, I wrote this about a year ago.

And then.....and then.....well, not much happened after that.

Until the other day when my good bloggy buddy Karly e-mailed me. "How's it going wearing more skirts?" she wondered.

And after I stopped laughing, I answered her. We got all involved in a big 'ol discussion about how we NEED to be more feminine and how we NEED to be an example for our daughters and wouldn't our husbands love it and then I thought about JulieMom.

See, JulieMom has three daughters and a little group on Facebook all about modesty and I know she's thought about these matters. So she joined in our discussion and we all agreed on a few things.

1. We want/need to be more feminine.
2. We want to teach and model femininity (and modesty) for our daughters.
3. We don't see a lot of femininity around us on a daily basis.
4. We are moms. Moms who stay home and homeschool our children.
5. None of us fit into the Victorian era, sittin' around writing poetry with quill and ink while lovely classical music plays in the background and we sip tea in our beautiful white dress. That is NOT our life.

Have you ever seen a little old lady with style? I always notice them. I want to be a little old lady with lovely lady-like style one day. But how am I going to go from where I am now (You don't even want to know how I looked today. Ask Giovanna.) to being that little old stylish lady? The answer is, I'm not. I'm not going to practice looking masculine and sloppy every day and then suddenly morph into loveliness in my old age. I have to start making the changes now.

So back to how our life is. The truth is, being a mom is hard work. It's dirty work. It's tiring work. Does that give us a licence to wear jeans and t-shirts all the time? Stained clothes? Torn up stretchy pants? Sloppy shirts with holes in them?

We are not only moms, we are wives. I don't know about you, but my husband deserves better. I want him to come home to a lovely bride, not a worn out workhorse. And the truth is, my husband would HATE IT if I sat around in a white dress sipping tea and writing poetry. He'd much rather have me help him in the yard or something. He prefers a more casual look, as do I.

So Karly, JulieMom and I decided that there most certainly is too a thing called

Casually Feminine

and we are going to all figure out what that means together. With you! You are invited on this journey. Each week we are going to give out a topic (until the topics run out) and put up a MckLinky so you can all share in the fun!

For today, I'd like you to click on Karly and JulieMom's posts and read all about them, especially if you haven't met them yet. And even if you have. They did a great job explaining all this. Then, get ready next Wednesday when we will be discussing what is probably the first thing our husbands see in the morning before they leave for work.....our sleepwear. I want pictures people! I'll be sharing mine. See you then!


  1. Yipee!! The kick-off is finally here!! So excited.

  2. Awesome. I have some modesty ideas for being casually feminine. Instead of jeans, how about long jean skirts? I love mine! And instead of pairing it with a basic t-shirt, wear a collared, colored polo, or a slightly fitted shirt. Or try a different fabric...something else instead of knit. You still have to check out Cato Brenda. It has the perfect modest yet casually feminine stuff out there in skirts and tops. Just have a whole set of layering t-shirts and then go nuts with the shirts since you have one underneath.

    Oh and I know we want to be casual and feminine, but sneakers are casual NOT feminine and no woman should be wearing them as everyday shoes. LOL. You're in Texas so you can do what I do. You could find some cute flip flops for house shoes, or even a pair of crocs, they have different styles of those now. Just please, please don't pair SNEAKERS with a skirt, even a jean skirt. LOL.

  3. This should be fun and funny! : )

  4. Interesting timing. We just found out we're moving to Alaska in a few months. So, the idea of trying to maintain a 'skirts only' lifestyle has become daunting. I'm interested to see what 'Casually Feminine' might look like.

  5. LOL - I get out of bed before my husband opens his eyes. By the time he's awake, I'm home from a walk and am sweaty. Eww! Will have to figure out a better plan. ;)


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