Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Casually Feminine: Sleepwear

Edited to add: FINE. I didn't know OK??? Now I'm not the bad guy. :)

Notice the closed bedroom door so the children don't wander in..."Mommy? Why are you taking a picture of yourself in your pajamas at 11:30am?"

The reason we decided to begin with what we sleep in is because it's the last thing my husband sees on his way out the door in the mornings.

Poor guy.

Internet, please meet my pajamas.

I love them so. I love these capri pants. They are soft, comfy, and wonderful. That shirt is just an old t-shirt. The top varies. Sometimes I wear one of my husband's old t-shirts with these capris.

Just look how the waistband is lovingly frayed.

You know Old Navy dates their stuff, right? Let's take a peek shall we?

Man! I forgot to turn the picture. Oh well. Please crane your neck now.

Oh! 2002! So that means I purchased these bad boys BEFORE I was even pregnant with Little Bit. When Sweetheart was just turning 3.

Folks, I'll be honest here. I love these capri pants, but I do love my husband as well. He deserves better than this. I think there is a place for sloppy pajamas, but it's not every night. If your husband goes out of town for work or hunting or whatever....THAT'S the night you pull out your sloppy old lovely pajamas.

S never goes out of town. Shoot.

Still, I'm keeping them. There is a time and place for these. Maybe camping trips?

Part of the reason my sleepwear is a concern is my husband. He deserves to see a lovely, feminine woman when he wakes up in the morning. Not someone dressed like a sloppy college kid. I am his bride, his wife. He is one reason why it matters.

The other reason is I have little people imitating me. Honestly I felt convicted about my sleepwear about 2 years ago. I saw that my daughters were wearing old too-big t-shirts to sleep in. Boy do they look sloppy, I thought. And then I looked down at what I was wearing.


It wasn't doing their future husbands any favors to teach them that bedtime = sloppy. So I asked my mom to make them nightgowns. I blogged about it here....one of my favorite comment sections of all time on this blog. And I'm sorry to say that nearly 2 years later, I am still saying and wearing the same things.

It is REALLY time to change. I don't mean that I want to do an experiment and try out feminine attire for awhile. I want to BE more feminine. How do I do that? By just starting I guess.

It doesn't mean you have to wear this to bed.

If you want to, that's fine. What it probably means is that you need to talk to your husband. He might have a completely different idea than you. Remember, we are talking about being casually feminine, but that doesn't mean just casual. We need to look different than men. So what does that mean?

Personally, I think these are lovely.

And let me just interject something else here. I do not believe that modesty applies in the bedroom with our husbands. You are married for goodness sake! BUT, modesty does apply when you are just walking around the house. Maybe you don't hold to the same standards as you do for the public eye, but you do have to consider what you are walking around in.

What are your ideas for casually feminine modest sleepwear?

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  1. BRENDA!! I can't believe any woman in her right mind would sleep amid all that fluff pictured above...I would suffocate!

    My pajamas are similar to yours...and I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. lol Mine are pink though. I think the ones you picked as 'lovely' are exactly that. And what a nice color for you! When are you going shopping?

  2. shame on you Brenda.. you owe the girls a pic of YOU in the jammies!

    I for one, if I am wearing said underclothing... does NO one else do that?.... wear a top and bottome fairly feminine colors pajama set. I am NOT showing pics! So I am good in that area. But hubbie says it makes no difference to him as he likes me, well you know!

    Seriously tmi I know!!!!!!!!!! But ya asked! I am all about the honesty!

  3. okay, woman. i like that you're challenging me. i do. and i like HOW you're challenging me - all sweet and normal and not preachy. but i know me and my season well enough to know that my changes are going to come sllooowwwlllyyy! but you have me thinking. and that's good. you know what my pajamas look like. you've seen them on the blog. pajamas? who'm i kidding? all day every day wear. i want more for him too. (not your husband - mine!)

    and you've already got me organizing my house. jeez! you are my iron. sharpen away, my sweet sister!

  4. Brenda really, you're never gonna get that 3rd baby wearing that! Go shopping girl! Ha-ha! : )

    Seriously though, this was fun!

  5. Where did the MckLinky go? Can you guys still see it?

  6. No! where is it? It was just there a second ago, I added my post and it was the third one.

  7. Maybe when you edited with the picture, you lost it?

  8. My MckLinky account still shows it's there and your post shows up there.....just not here. I'll work on it.

  9. hubbie has revised his statement... He said at lunch that maybe some cuter, not too frilly nightcloths would be nice too! So thank Brenda.... now i gotta shop for some! Such a great friend. I like the motto what I dont know I am not responsible for... when you make me think about it I BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!

    We did not talk about the girls night clothing though. We will get to that.

  10. But you get some say in his night attire too! :)

  11. I know you just wanted to be like the rest of us and show your picture. :)

    And, actually, does it make you feel better that your current sleepwear is a step above mine? I thought you looked cute!

  12. A friend and I are going shopping for sleepwear tonight. I've been wearing my husband's t-shirts because I don't have anything else and we couldn't afford anything else. After three babies in two years, I'm much fatter than I was before LOL.


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