Monday, March 22, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Spring Break was fun.

It's not that we DID that much cool's that we DIDN'T do school. That made us all happy. I needed a week off.

This morning finds us 3 1/2 days away from our homeschool group's science fair. I have 2 completely blank project boards leaning against the living room wall. Guess what we are doing today?

Also, I have a renewed sense of responsibility when it comes to Bible. I'm talking about Bible as a subject in school. We do lots of different things, but just before Spring Break, I had been a big slacker in that subject area. No more!

Well, I just gave the 5 minute warning for school as I'm trying really hard to start by 9:00am again. It's been, ahem, awhile since we started that early. I can do this!!!! (at least for a few months, right? June 1st starts our summer schedule so I only have a few months to go.....)

Are you back in the swing of things this morning?


  1. Being in a foreign country that has LOTS of public holidays makes for an interesting year! So, even though I didn't know it was spring break in America, I must have felt it in my bones, because we went out of town last week for three days, lol.

    And we ARE back to task, but only because I have to pack up a household at the end of the school year! :0)

  2. I'm dragging again but we are on again too!

  3. JulieMom, I have no doubt that my body would automatically KNOW when it was spring break. No matter where I was.....:)


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