Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Hoping the Computer Makes It Until I Hit Publish

So.....I had a grand plan of helping make some extra money around here. It involved my sewing machine. I started teaching sewing classes on Saturdays which is bringing in a bit of extra money. I also agreed to sew some skirts for a friend's daughter. A bit more extra money. Nothing earth shattering, but every little bit counts, right?

Then my sewing machine broke.

That's not even to mention how I was saving money by sewing our own skirts.

And S was starting back up his lawn care business. That will bring in some extra money too. A lot more than me.

Then the brakes went out on his truck. And it's hard to haul lawn equipment in a car.

So our plans to get out of debt and have that little bit of extra money to help us breathe easier each month are kind of not going as expected.

Which just goes to prove that we are not in control. We DO need the Lord. We cannot gather enough manna to last for 3 days.

We must depend on Him. Which is exactly where we were before all of our stuff broke, by the way.


  1. I'm sorry! How did your sewing machine break? Is it easily replaceable?

  2. I'm sure it's easily fixable but I need to find out how much it will be....a new one might be a better deal. For now, I'll use Sweetheart's! :)

    It's just stopping. The hand wheel won't turn easily anymore.

  3. Try taking some keyboard cleaner, you know the pressurized air in a can, and pull the hand wheel out as far as it will go and spray inside the crevices. Sometimes it can get filled with small clumps of dust that make it slow turning. It might also be good pull the whole cover out and clean it well. When was the last time you cleaned it out inside?

  4. S cleaned and oiled it for me the other night but I hadn't thought about that keyboard cleaner! I'll try that, thanks!

  5. Hey, my machine broke too the other day (last week) and we just sent it out for repairs. It wouldn't pick up the bobbin...I hope it doesn't cost too much!

    And it's good to know God is in control, right? :0)

  6. Yes, we are dependent on Him aren't we?

    I can relate to your dilemma we, too, are working feverishly to get out of debt and near the end of last year, we started getting hit with costly home repair after costly home repair. And a car repair. I was frustrated and wondering what the heck was going on?

    Then I realized how ungrateful it was of me not to acknowledge that while our meager savings was being sucked dry, there are thousands, if not millions, of people who are hit with the same problems without the means to pay for the necessary repairs.

    If my biggest problem is a leaky kitchen sink, then my life is pretty good.

    Sounds like your is, too!


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